Types of Advertisements in Instagram
Instagram has turned from a social media into a huge marketplace for selling and buying different products, goods and services. Which is why launching the ad on Instagram is one of the most important elements for business promotion today.
29 Nov 2022
How to use Stickers-Polls in Instagram Stories
Stories are a popular tool of target audience attraction and promotion on Instagram. If you often put stories on your blog, you know many trends stickers. They are not just stickers as they have diverse functionality: you may create instagram survey, add a reference, tags and texts. Famous and novice bloggers use stickers to develop their product. Working stickers help you make your content creative, different and attract more followers.
20 Nov 2022
Cristiano Ronaldo shots to top of Instagram rich list
Cristiano Ronaldo is the first person to reach 200 million subscribers on Instagram. Today you can be sure that Ronaldo instagram is one of the most followed sources in the Internet: more than 224 million users follow his life. The figure is comparable to the combined population of Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Portugal, that makes Cristiano the most influential man in the world. Let's look at how he reached the Instagram top and what he is talking about with his followers on Instagram.
12 Nov 2022
How to protect your Instagram account from being hacked
Ten years ago hardly anyone thought that the popularity of an app for uploading pictures into social feed will get to this point - many people today give more of their attention to their Instagram alter egos than to their own children. At the same time the audience of the service has grown so much that some companies are ready to pay more for one advertising publication posted on Instagram feed than for TV commercials.
03 Nov 2022
How to Restore an Instagram Account
While developing your Instagram profile you work hard, spend your time and money. Account can help to promote business or connect with clients, to be a way of selling, to make money from ads etc. It makes you so sad when all the efforts are in vain because of the administration or your personal decision. In this article I’m going to share with you the ways of restoring Instagram account in any case. I hope it will answer your question of how to restore Instagram account.
27 Oct 2022
How to delete an Instagram account
We've included instructions for permanently removing an Instagram account using your phone or desktop.
17 Oct 2022
Reach and impressions – how they differ
Reach and impressions are very popular terms used in promotion area in social media. You can often read about them in the articles devoted to this subject, courses and recommendations from the famous bloggers. But if you have just started mastering promotion on Insta, you may not know how they differ from each other. Let us find out what the terms used above stand for.
10 Oct 2022
How do you report an Instagram user?
Unfortunately, not everyone on the Internet behaves appropriately. Some people may violate the platform rules, causing discomfort to other users. If you think the account user is acting suspiciously, you can block it yourself. Maybe even permanently.
30 Sep 2022
How to analyze an Instagram account
Analysis of someone else's Instagram account may be helpful for many reasons. It is also an analytics way to increase the efficiency of interaction with other profiles and attract subscribers.
19 Sep 2022
How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram: a Guide for Beginners
Do you want to sell your own services or products? Do you hear that Instagram is a perfect place for this every day, but you don't know how to start? In this article, we will tell you all the subtleties, tricks and illustrative examples of how to start a personal brand on Instagram.
12 Sep 2022
How to make profile on instagram
Designing an Instagram profile is no longer just a way to stand out, it’s an arms race. And SMM promotion is not a buzzword, but a popular strategy. Moreover, it’s possible to design an account not only with the hands of an SMM wizard, but also by your own efforts, with the help of applications for Instagram.
19 Jul 2022
How to post text on Instagram
Nowadays, the idea of making money online is widely spread. Due to that, almost every Insta-blogger is interested how to post text on instagram.
08 Jun 2022
What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?
You will learn about Vanish Mode on Instagram, the main steps of activating and deactivating process, and key advantages and disadvantages in this article.
16 Mar 2022
Searching and deleting inactive Instagram followers
This is a step by step tutorial on how to clean and remove inactive and dormant Instagram followers.
19 Nov 2018
Strategies for Detecting and Eliminating Fake Accounts in Your Instagram Followers
Discover comprehensive strategies for identifying and eliminating fake accounts in your Instagram followers. From manual audits to leveraging Instagram's features and third-party tools, empower yourself to maintain authenticity, boost engagement, and protect the integrity of your Instagram community.
26 Jan 2024
Top Tips for Identifying and Removing Bots from Your Instagram Account
Ensure a genuine Instagram experience by learning how to spot and eliminate bots from your account. Follow these tips, from analyzing engagement patterns to using third-party tools, to maintain authenticity and engagement
22 Jan 2024
Safeguarding Your Instagram: Top 10 Internet Services
Safeguarding Your Instagram: Top 10 Internet Services
01 Dec 2023
Safeguarding Your Instagram: Top 10 Internet Services
Safeguarding Your Instagram: Top 10 Internet Services
01 Dec 2023
Instagram bot recognition
The presence of bots in your Instagram account will not help in promotion, but, on the contrary, will worsen the performance
17 Nov 2021
Comment filter
Some comments are best avoided. Instagram has a special function that allows you to immediately hide from view the offensive and unpleasant things that can hurt you. How to configure it and how to use it - we will tell.
17 Nov 2021
Protect your Instagram profile from spambots and ads
You have a few useful methods for dealing with Instagram spammers, ghosts and advertisers at your disposal.
17 Nov 2021
Using the geotag on Instagram
Geolocation is an important part of a business account that you should not forget about. Most of the business accounts on Instagram are looking for customers just at the place of residence, and without an exact address it will be ... very difficult. Well, will we help your future visitors find you?
14 Nov 2021
Spam hashtags: harm or benefit
Hashtags are a well-known way of promoting on Instagram. Thanks to him, people find their supporters, new friends, potential customers and, of course, subscribers. But not all hashtags have a positive effect on the account.
13 Nov 2021
How to Attract Audience With good Instagram Posts
There are several rules to attract the audience. You should have the bright and interesting title. But the imagine on Instagram also should be well-optimized.
13 Nov 2021
What a blogger should know when working with an advertiser
A lot of articles have been written about how to find a blogger for advertising. But what about a blogger who doesn't have much experience in advertising, but has a lot of offers and prospects?
12 Nov 2021
How to get into Instagram explore
There are several types of recommendations on Instagram, but they all work in approximately the same scenario. In this case, can we count on a favorable attitude of the network algorithms to your profile and posts? Let's figure out how you can push yourself into recommending more people.
12 Nov 2021
Winberry review on DigitalSupermarket
A cool and complete review of WinBerry has been recently published on, which we advise you to check it out! This review consists of a complete overview, features, pros and cons, pricing plans, user options, and other important aspects.
12 Nov 2021
8 tips for holiday influence marketing in Instagram
When holidays are near, influencers start focusing on their promotional campaigns and projects. However, marketing with influencers is not easy when we are talking about Instagram.
12 Nov 2021
How remove Instagram account
Sly app developers cram the function of deleting an account for a thousand tab since your leaving their social network is not profitable for them. This is why users are so often lost in settings. The story is similar as with the cancellation of a paid subscription - sometimes there is an opportunity, but it is so deep and not obvious that you cannot cope without help. But now we will analyze all possible ways of deactivating any page on Instagram.
29 Jan 2021
How to view stories anonymously?
Instagram itself does not provide an opportunity to watch stories anonymously. But there are different cases when you don't want to get fired up for this. There is a way out, albeit not the easiest one. Here we go over all the ways to go unnoticed.
29 Jan 2021
Create a client avatar + checklist
Drawing up a client's avatar is a necessary procedure for those who want to grow and develop. Even those companies that do not work with targeting and social networks go through this, preferring promotion only through offline channels. In this article we will analyze what a customer avatar is.
30 Dec 2020
Is masslooking effective for promotion
Masslooking is indeed much safer for the account that uses it. Bots arrive much less frequently, there is less spam, and the statistics are fine. And the traces of the crime are not so obvious! It would seem like an ideal promotion method. But, alas, all dreams sooner or later collide with a harsh and cruel reality.
30 Dec 2020
How smart Instagram feed works
The work of a social network feed may seem like something completely random and unpredictable, but everything has its own patterns. And it is important to understand them not only to increase coverage, but also for targeting, advertising with a blogger, and just a comfortable existence on Instagram. Let's understand this difficult task: why does Instagram give us certain posts to the top?
29 Nov 2020
Bio links for Instagram, what it is and how to use it
You won't be able to fit all the information into your profile. Even more - it is not worth trying to shove in something unproductive. It is better to acquire a tool that will help simplify communication with you, make it quick and accessible. How exactly? Very simple - one little link in the bio will solve all the problems.
29 Nov 2020
Info you can find out about instagram competitor
Alas, it is impossible to look at the success of competitors in specific figures. But you can try to squeeze everything you need out of the scarce information that we have. Below are some tips for what to look out for first.
28 Oct 2020
If your Instagram acc is hacked
Like any other account, your Instagram can never be 100% protected from hacking. Skillful hackers crack the most powerful systems, but despite this, users continue to set short passwords and do not enable two-factor authentication, naively believing that this will not affect them.
28 Oct 2020
B2B and Instagram
For business owners, social media promotion is one of the important components of marketing. When we talk about this, we are rather imagining B2C companies that use simple tricks to attract their potential customers - ordinary users - to Instagram. But in the realities of B2B, network marketing becomes more difficult to imagine. Is Instagram absolutely not suitable for such enterprises?
28 Sep 2020
How to customize Instagram explore
How often does content appear in your feed that does not interest you from the word at all? If you are faced with this problem, then it's time to rethink your Instagram sitting habits.
28 Sep 2020
Shopping tags, how to connect them
Instagram continues to expand its functions, making the application more convenient for both users and businessmen. Shopping tags appeared with us not so long ago, but many store owners have already managed to fall in love with them. Especially those who use Instagram as their main platform for promotion. The function is very convenient, but you will have to tinker to configure it.
31 Aug 2020
Fundraising on Instagram and its possibilities
Fundraising is a collection of funds from non-profit organizations. These are government agencies, associations, and charitable foundations. Fundraising is carried out mainly only by the last category of NPOs, since almost all of their working capital comes from donations from caring or sponsors.
31 Aug 2020
5 signs an Instagram store can't be trusted
You can find reviews about fraudulent stores in the open spaces of the Internet very often, deceived their clients to a round sum. You may also receive a completely defective product or even broken.
31 Jul 2020
What to do if deceived in instagram store
Some Instagram stores are questionable by the average user of the platform. The social network does not protect people from buying any thing like Aliexpress.
31 Jul 2020
Instagram blocked actions, what should you do
Sometimes the blocking is not obvious: the profile is not blocked itself, but you cannot take actions from it. No likes, no comments, no polls - nothing at all. Let's figure out what the reason is and what needs to be done in order to regain our actions on Instagram.
31 Jul 2020
What to do if your profile is attacked by bots
A massive bot attack can occur on an Instagram account. In this case, you need to quickly take certain actions.
31 Jul 2020
Audit Instagram account
Audit - the formation of a clear strategy and action plan that you need to follow in order to attract more subscribers and better coverage indicators. in order to conduct a competent audit, you need to be able to use statistical data. However, being an expert is not necessary - in this article we will talk about the basic rules.
30 Jun 2020
How to use statistics on instagram
Many people know that Instagram makes statistics of your profile, and now for these purposes you do not need to use third-party services. Only here, not everyone knows how to use it wisely and what advantages it can give.
30 Jun 2020
Instagram targeted ads
Targeted advertising is suitable for everyone - both small local enterprises and large businesses. And if earlier he worked with varying success, now there is no doubt that this type of advertising is really a meaningful and necessary investment.
30 Jun 2020
How not to attract bots and foreigners to your Instagram
Sometimes bots run into the Instagram account and soon destroy all the involvement. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of such accounts.
30 Jun 2020
How To Write High-Quality Text For Photos On Instagram
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good photo caption can really be a gamechanger. Though many prefer using emojis in captions or getting rid of captions completely, having an Instagram text post can actually improve engagement if it is done right. Here is how to write high-quality text for photos on Instagram.
28 Jun 2020
Instagram crashes. What to do?
Each technical problem can have several causes. Application crashes is a fairly common problem, and it can be in the application itself or in the user's device. In this article, we will consider the common causes of this error and methods for solving it.
29 May 2020
How Instagram ranking works
The question of how lists are compiled on Instagram worries many bloggers and entrepreneurs. After all, coverage and views, as well as other indicators of Instagram statistics directly depend on this.
29 May 2020
Reasons for blocking the advertising account Instagram
Problems can come from where you do not expect them at all. Careless use of third-party services, too much activity and other actions that are suspicious for instagram algorithms can eventually lead to blocking. And blocking is very unpleasant, because far from always a banned account can be restored.
29 May 2020
How to Open Your Business on Instagram in 2020
If you are a business and aren't yet selling on Instagram, then you should know that over 78% of salespeople outsell their peers just by social selling. This is only one out of many stats we found out from already established businesses on social media.
18 May 2020
Instagram Captions
So, Instagram is visual – no surprise here. Over the years it has expanded from photos to carousels, to videos, and more. But, in the end, it remains visual.
07 May 2020
Mutual PR: how to PR and PR others
Surely you have heard more than once about promotions such as mutual likes and subscriptions. Do they really help advance on Instagram? Let's figure it out.
30 Apr 2020
How to buy Instagram ads
Want to promote Instagram inexpensively and reliably? Well, then this method is for you. In this article, you will learn how to buy ads on Facebook and Instagram.
30 Apr 2020
Best time for posting
A question about posting time arises quite often. And really - everyone wants to get into the feed so that all subscribers see for sure. Four hours after downloading content, there is a peak increase in views, likes & comments. So, how to calculate this golden point, the most productive four hours that will bring many likes and views?
30 Apr 2020
How Instagram views count
In this article, we’ll talk about reach and impressions, and give tips on how to raise them.
30 Apr 2020
What is the engagement rate and how to raise it
Is the indicator critical of an active audience? How to calculate ER and raise it? Find the answer to this and other questions here.
30 Apr 2020
Instagram as an online store
Instagram is a good place to create and maintain your online store, especially for small companies that do not have enough money to maintain their site. But what are the risks?
02 Apr 2020
How to chat Instagram support service
If you have experienced sudden problems with Instagram, then the support team is always ready to help you. We will tell you where to handle this problem.
02 Mar 2020
Scam in Instagram
Internet is full of scammers trying to trick you. How not to fall for the trick? We'll tell you which fraud methods are most common, and what you should pay attention to in order not to be left without money and an account.
02 Mar 2020
Crossposting guide
Crossposting is a very convenient tool. It allows you to save a lot of time, allowing you to publish one record at once on several sites. In this article we will talk about how to use this feature through Instagram.
02 Mar 2020
Safe-Space: how to avoid cyberbullying
Many of us have encountered unpleasant user behavior on the Internet. Sometimes it crosses all boundaries, growing into bullying. How to avoid attacks from the outside?
06 Feb 2020
The Beginner's To-Do Guide to Jumpstart Your Instagram Power
Recent studies show that Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform in 2020, with 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily. As of now, about a third of the most views Instagram Stories are form businesses.
03 Feb 2020
10 Activities A Social Media Expert Should Do on Instagram
Leaving this social media platform out of the digital marketing campaign you’re implementing would be a big mistake. You need to be creating engaging content in 2020 and then post it on this platform. How can you fully use this platform? Here are ten activities that you should be doing on Instagram that social media experts are engaged in
27 Jan 2020
Best Practices to Ace Digital Parenting
Anxiety and frustration are part of the parenting journey. But the last couple of decades have provided the parents today with a lot of challenges since digital technology permeated into every facet of our lives, including parenting.
23 Jan 2020
Content Ideas in 2021
Social networks continue developing. New options are appearing, the quantity of active users is increasing. Recently, Instagram has been developing rapidly. Everyone uses it: from politicians and show business stars to bloggers with a small audience.
22 Jan 2020
Rules of Communication with Customers
The rules of communication with customers will help to avoid some problems. If you know how to talk, you could sell easily. Moreover, that is the feature to avoid some problems in future.
20 Jan 2020
How to Promote Business Instagram Account
Business account on Instagram should be effective. It will let to get customers. Here you will find how to get the new customers on the social network.
15 Jan 2020
How to see likes on Instagram
In the following article we'll talk about Instaspy, which allows to follow the statistics of other user's likes. The service can be useful for many users who just want to double-check.
24 Dec 2019
How to prevent ghost attack on your Instagram account
Ghosts, bots, inactive followers can damage your Instagram account development. For this reason it is important to know how to prevent this situation.
23 Dec 2019
How to prevent ad accounts from following you on Instagram
Let's talk about the harmful audience: bots and advertising accounts. We'll tell the reasons why they are harmful and share the ways to get rid of them.
16 Dec 2019
The Ultimate List of Instagram Tools for Beginners
Even though Instagram has talked about removing likes on this platform, it still remains to be more of the most influential social networks for business growth. The beauty of social media is that it allows you to use pictures do say a thousand words.
11 Dec 2019
Ideas for creating engaging content for 2020
Engaging content is one of the best ways to promote your brand on Instagram. We'll provide you with some fresh ideas, which you can use to involve and interest your customers.
10 Dec 2019
Instagram audience
Having in-depth knowledge of the target audience of your Instagram is an integral aspect of a fruitful strategy for Instagram marketing. If you are aware of what fascinates and stimulates your followers, it will not be difficult for you to produce the ideal content which engages their minds.
10 Dec 2019
Top Useful Analytics Tools for Instagram
Instagram came into the picture late playing catch-up. However, in 2019, the social media platform is proving to be a force to reckon with. Aside from offering social media users the opportunity to share photos and videos, Instagram is also offering businesses the opportunity to enhance their visual advertising efforts. Today, Instagram is among the best social media platforms to advertise on. Businesses appear to be gravitating towards Instagram more than the other platforms.
29 Nov 2019
Unsubscribe or block
Lets talk about unwanted activity on your Instagram and the most effective ways to get rid of it. Spam Guard will help you to remove unwanted followers and protect your account.
25 Nov 2019
Best Strategies How to Grow Your Instagram Organically
Instagram has become an essential app for social media users over the years. With over one billion users every month, the neat, slick app attracts almost everyone in particular; social media influencers who use it to grow their businesses.
22 Nov 2019
Simple ways to make your profile more interesting
In the following material we'll share some useful tips for making Instagram profile more interesting for the audience.
21 Nov 2019
How to unsubscribe from subscribers and advertising on Instagram with one click
If you have a large number of unwanted audience in your Instagram profile, lets discuss the effective ways to get rid of them. One of them is using special service - Spam Guard.
14 Nov 2019
How to create engaging content for the winter of 2020
In the given material we'll discuss the latest trends of creating relevant content on Instagramn for the next winter season.
14 Nov 2019
Instagram profile analysis: page design mistakes
Your Instagram profile doesn't work for business development, there are no sales, and users are in no hurry to become your followers? So, you are doing something wrong!
23 Oct 2019
What happened to Instagram activity?
In the following material we'll tell about the changes, that recently took place in the algorithms of instagram and their influence on popularity and peputation of users' accounts.
22 Oct 2019
How to become an Instagram-roalty: Chiara Ferragni’s recipe
She appears as a guest judge at US “Project Runway” and collaborates with every beauty and fashion brand you can think of. Lancome even introduced Chiara Farragni’s make up collection.
21 Oct 2019
Why partisipating in giveaways is useless?
The following material contains detailed information about the holding of Giveaways and possible negative effects of such kind of contests.
16 Oct 2019
Instagram Trends for 2020
Half of 2019 has passed and 2020 is rapidly approaching. What will quickly make your business or personal profile relevant in this modern time?
14 Oct 2019
How to identify Instagram bots
Instagram bots have become the main obstacle to the natural account growth. In the article, we will tell you how to check Instagram for their presence.
27 Sep 2019
What you need to know about ghost followers on Instagram
By creating an account and starting to attract followers, you definitely don't think how to remove Instagram ghosts. What you should know about them and how to clean your page to get more income.
24 Sep 2019
Why do bloggers need to clean up bots on Instagram?
The realities of promoting on Instagram are such that no matter how many followers you have, it’s important what your real coverage is.
19 Sep 2019
Instagram bots and when you have to get rid of them
Bots increase your Instagram following. So why do you need to delete followers? It turns out, that dead audience is bad for business.
18 Sep 2019
Negative thread: how to deal with bad comments on Instagram
How to deal with negativity on Instagram and quickly remove all bad reviews and unflattering comments under posts. We know the best way.
03 Sep 2019
How to protect your profile from the attention of foreigners?
We find out why and how to remove foreign followers on Instagram using two methods and thereby increase your page involvement.
27 Aug 2019
How to make your Instagram account more popular today
Everyone starts with a zero number of followers. After some time they get a certain audience, which cannot be called large. However, if you dream of becoming an Instagram star, these tips are for you!
22 Aug 2019
How to protect children from inappropriate content and comments on Instagram
To remove dubious comments and filter subscriptions created SpamGard. Its capabilities will allow parents to breathe calmly and not be afraid for the influx of unwanted advertising on the child’s page on social networks.
19 Aug 2019
How to remove mass followers?
In this article, we will figure out how to quickly remove bots and unnecessary followers from your Instagram account gained as a result of mass following.
12 Aug 2019
Instagram Mass Viewing - Mass Stories Watching
Mass viewing of stories (mass-looking) is a bomb of advancement. You'll definitely receive new followers. However, this method has its pitfalls.
05 Aug 2019
Why do you need a base of profiles, how to start working with the service, types of targeting, additional functions, the process of collecting and filtering.
29 Jul 2019
Why does not it make sense to run an advertising mailing on Instagram
Spam e-mails to Instagram, their features. Why spam does not work in 2019? Protect your account with Spam Guard service: cut off spam and inactive subscribers.
23 Jul 2019
Causes of blocking Instagram and how to avoid it
Features of the account ban and the reasons for their appearance. Work with Instagram, actions limits, suspicious accounts. How to protect against spam using the Spam Guard service.
16 Jul 2019
More likes on Instagram publications
What do you need to do to get more likes on Instagram posts? Features and secrets of the earning them
09 Jul 2019
Getting rid of spam in Instagram
As of 2021, Instagram as a social network is breaking all world records. Unfortunately, now you can find not only friends or some interesting people who are exciting to see but also various informational garbage. For solving this problem try a special service called SpamGuard.
04 Jul 2019
10 Simple Tips to Create More Engaging Instagram Posts
Some Instagrammers complain that despite their efforts, they can’t increase the engagement rate. This situation may be caused by two reasons.
28 Jun 2019
Inactive Instagram followers
Your Instagram account needs to be cleared from bots and inactive users. An independent removing is troublesome. So, in order to automate the process, you must use the Spam Guard service.
24 Jun 2019
How to remove foreign comments on Instagram
Foreign followers and their comments adversely affect your profile. SpamGuard is used to remove such accounts and prevent comments in a foreign language.
18 Jun 2019
Masslooking. Who watches my stories?
Recently, a number of viewers of Instagram Stories users suddenly increased. We tried to explain, why it happened and how it works.
11 Jun 2019
Instagram as the key to success: how to become a popular blogger
Making money trough Instagram account seems easy. Actually, becoming popular blogger require a lot of work. Luckily, we can share secrets of successful Instagram bloggers with you!
04 Jun 2019
Is Instagram Advertising Right for Your Business?
This leads to the obvious question: Who is on Instagram? Is it just teenagers taking selfies? Or 20-somethings looking for recipes? What about older populations? Are they “gramming” their grandchildren?
31 May 2019
Too much followers
Being engaged in promotion of the account in the Instagram network, the question about efficiency of the cheating with subscribers on Instagram becomes extremely relevant for the user. Will people trust profiles with a clearly inflated number of followers?
27 May 2019
Clean your Instagram account! Remove all bots, business accs and spam followers!
Do you realize that there is too much unnecessary and spam information among your Instagram audience? Would you like to leave only the right ones?
22 May 2019
How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram
In this post, you’ll discover some super engaging ways to promote your blog and your content on Instagram.
17 May 2019
Instagram design tools
There is a lot of information about editing pictures on Instagram. However, not always photos are the most important things in account. If you visit some business or thematic profiles, it is hard to find some usual selfies or landscapes. More important to use Stories or unique design posts.
14 May 2019
How to get rid of advertising messages on Instagram and delete untargeted audience
3 ways to remove inactive followers and bots, as well as to prevent their appearance o Instagram with the help of Spamgard service.
08 May 2019
How to keep your Instagram audience engaged and unfollow inactive accounts
In this article, we will try to uncover some points that will help you to delete inactive Instagram subscriptions and subscribers and leave only users who like your posts.
25 Apr 2019
How to remove foreign followers from your Instagram page
The success of an Instagram profile today is often measured by the number of followers. Owners of the most popular social network pages can boast hundreds of thousands and even millions of readers. Many novice bloggers tend to attract as many followers as possible.
22 Apr 2019
Highly Shareable Instagram Content
Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in our time and day and keeps gaining more and more fans every single day. If you’re running your own business, have own blog or simply are an influencer on social media and wish to expand your reach, you should know that there are ways which can help make the content easier to share with your target audience.
18 Apr 2019
How to attract target customers to Instagram and remove unnecessary users and bots
The article describes the features of attracting target customers to Instagram, as well as clearing the account from bots and inactive followers.
16 Apr 2019
Audience analysis and unfollowing bots using Spamguard: step by step instructions
When promoting your account on Instagram, it's important to monitor the quality of followers. Bots and business profiles won't bring any benefit, on the contrary, they can lead to a decrease in coverage. You can unfollow bots using a convenient and reliable Spamguard service.
12 Apr 2019
Instagram is the first social network that marketers and companies aspire to because it is a completely viable platform for promoting your business. Because of its unique approach to focusing on the visual component, skillful SMM teams are careful and take into account all the nuances. This article describes in detail the 7 tactics that you can use to create successful marketing campaigns. This how-to article provides 7 tactics that you can use to create successful marketing campaigns.
29 Mar 2019
Instagram disadvantages and what to do with it
What you should know about the cons of the Instagram social network, spam, bad innovations and ways to eliminate this problem.Instagram is currently the best in terms of presented content, design and opportunities to promote. However, this service has its drawbacks. And now, after the start of testing a separate application for private messages, it's time to discuss it.
26 Mar 2019
Try our 5 lifehacks that will help you to increase your Instagram Stories engagement. Here's what works best to build a genuine following of loyal users.
26 Mar 2019
How to report spam and block ads on Instagram
Learn how to manually disable Instagram spam activity on your profile and block unwanted and repeated advertising on the feed.
18 Mar 2019
Why Spamguard is the best service for spam protection on Instagram?
How to protect yourself from spam on Instagram and clean a profile from ghosts and spammers with the help of the Spamguard service.
12 Mar 2019
Five myths about promotion on Instagram
If Instagram is going to be your main source of income, you have to take it seriously. Here's a list of myths surrournding promotion on this social network.
27 Feb 2019
How dangerous are Instagram bots?
What you should know about how to indentify annoying Instagram bots and how to deal with this obnoxious phenomenon.
22 Feb 2019
Instagram bot-accounts
Description of the scheme and the main goals of maintaining bot accounts on Instagram: step-by-step instructions, pros, and cons, bypassing the social network policy of banning the use of borrowed content.
19 Feb 2019
Instagram fights false activity: bots, cheating, and fake profiles
Instagram began to actively deal with false activity. Now there’s no point in bots because the developers will remove them from your Instagram profile.
14 Feb 2019
Instagram bots
Today the Internet is replete with offers from skilled craftsmen promising to promote an Instagram account of a single person or a company.
07 Feb 2019
Disable ads on Instagram
If you find the sponsored ads really irritating then just follow this easy steps to disable them on Instagram.
28 Jan 2019
How to remove inactive followers
Every Instagram profile attracts some bots or inactive users, but if you desire to submit to brands on tribe, you'll need to delete them.
23 Jan 2019
Checking bots on Instagram
Here are some useful tips and instruments for detecting bots, so you can ensure you're only working with the best Instagram advertisers.
21 Jan 2019
How to write creative Instagram captions for your goods
What you should know about how to dilute boring Instagram captions with our 17 interesting and unusual examples.
28 Dec 2018
Difficult ways to unfollow bots and a simple one using SpamGuard!
Do you have too much bots on Instagram? Learn here how to unfollow them all with the Spamguard service!
25 Dec 2018
Psychological techniques to attract and persuade your audience
How to apply psychology tips to design and content marketing, influence and attract audience's attention.
20 Dec 2018
Today Instagram is one of the most successful social networks in the world. Initially, it was conceived as a repository of family photographs, but now it's more than an album with all sorts of captured moments. With Instagram, you are able to communicate, buy, sell and offer products and much more. The social network strongly entered the daily life of many users.
13 Dec 2018
How to determine your target audience in Instagram
How to develop a good plan for your Instagram posts that targets the content needs of your desired audience.
10 Dec 2018
Instagram Updates – November 2018
The most important Instagram fall updates you definitely need to know: nametags, gifs in Direct, stories promotion and much more.
23 Nov 2018
Not the number of followers but the activity of your Instagram account is in trend now
The importance of quality and how to increase the activity of your Instagram account using the Spamguard cleaning service.
13 Nov 2018
Instagram Live themes
Different ways of using Instagram Live for busineses purposes, some tips and detailed tutorial about how to get started.
12 Nov 2018
Spamguard service cases.
Do you want to clear an account from inactive users, but don't know which service is better to prefer? Are you afraid of wasting money? Read the Spamguard cases and try to test the service. Efficiency from the first check!
29 Oct 2018
Frequently Asked Questions: SpamGuard
SpamGuard is a specialised cloud service, which will be highly appreciated by all those seeking to boost their Instagram acccount by removing inactive subscriptions
26 Oct 2018
Ways to communicate with users: tips to building follower relationships and making interactive Instagram content
How to develop more meaningful relationships with Instagram followers and hugely increase their engagement.
17 Oct 2018
Useful Instagram updates
What's new in the popular Instagram social network this year and what surprises do the developers prepare? What is emoji-slider, nametag and how to maintain the privacy of your account? The own Instagram TV channel is a real opportunity for any follower.
15 Oct 2018
How to maintain an Instagram account in order to make it successful
What you need to know about blogging on Instagram or how to attract more people and bring your page to a new level.
05 Oct 2018
How to remove all followers on Instagram at once
How to quickly and without consequences remove all unwanted Instagram followers using the Spamguard service.
28 Sep 2018
The Best Ways to Get Your Instagram Subscribers Talking
It is not enough just to attract subscribers. It is important to keep them active at all times to attract more and more subscribers to your profile. So what are the ways to get Instagram users talking and get endless comments?
19 Sep 2018
Why they don't like me on Instagram: 10 recipes for a delicious post
Everything you need to know about how to make your Instagram post look tasty and attractive for other users.
18 Sep 2018
How to clean a profile from Instagram bots that engagement didn't fall, but increased?
Everything you need to know about how to identify bots on Instagram and remove them without reducing the coverage.
20 Aug 2018
Your Personal Instagram Administrator
Instagram has proven it is a huge and effective marketplace. However, only those people who are really able to perceive how the system works and keep informed about its news and updates can enjoy the full potential of this platform to their own benefit.
18 Jul 2018
Keeping A Mommy Blog On Instagram
Keeping an Instagram blog is an activity continually growing in popularity among women on maternity leave. During the first days after the delivery, a young mother typically experiences a great deficit of time. When, however, her baby reaches 5-6 months old, a woman succeeds in mastering time management methods and can find a moment to do something for her own pleasure. So many of them start a blog about children on Instagram or elsewhere on the Internet. This allows them not only demonstrate acquired skills and discuss them with other young mothers via the web, but also, in many cases, have a source of income comparable to that of their spouse who works.
28 Jun 2018
How a Creative Individual Should Keep His/Her Instagram Account
People who use Instagram as a site where they can realize their full creative potential oftentimes completely neglect the important aspect of developing their profile. Excuses like “I (draw, compose music, take pictures) for myself” (that is without any desire to attract anyone’s attention) actually deprive so much people of some aesthetic pleasure.
20 Jun 2018
Recommendations for keeping a life-style blog: why it is important to clean your Instagram profile from bots with Spam Guard
Today blogging in instagram is not only an interesting, but also profitable occupation. But of course, not on every account you can earn. Today's bloggers are putting a lot of effort into making their page in the instagram as attractive as possible. Everything is important: from small details on the photo to the topic of discussion in the post.
08 Jun 2018
New features Spamguard. What new will surprise you with the service and what functions were added.
How to clean up your account in instagram from spam by language add ways to make money with Spamguard.
23 May 2018
How to remove inactive followers on Instagram?
You publish interesting posts which should give us excitement, constant interaction and lots of comments, but something went wrong. What was it? Don’t rush to repost your content or quit your business idea on Instagram. It’s possible that your following list consists of not your target audience and it’s enough just to remove those who are inactive.
27 Mar 2018
We have a huge update for SpamGuard dashboard just for you!
We just released a huge update of SpamGuard Dashboard! Now it became faster, simpler and safer for your account on Instagram!
16 Mar 2018
Leave only important stuff. How to clean up your Instagram account.
Learn how to make your feed nice and clean again just in a few clicks!
15 Mar 2018
Why it’s bad to have ghosts (bots) among your followers.
Do you even know how many ghosts among your followers? If not, then SpamGuard will help to track them, count and wipe them while we tell you more about them in details.
07 Mar 2018
Talking of verification or Instagram has gone wild
Dear users, in the middle of December our service and all other Instagram promotion services will face with yet another defensive algorithms. The main point is that, when you log in to your account with a device different from your usual one it will ask for verification with a special code.
29 Dec 2017
Say “NO” to spam on Instagram - new functions of SpamGuard
Have you ever cleaned your account from spam? If not - we strongly recommend to do it right now! If yes - we bet that you are tired of constant search for it. Plus this annoying notifications that distract so much.. Looks familiar, right? Well, we know how to fix it! The key is to make the monitoring of spam activity fully automatic with help of SpamGuard!
06 Dec 2017
How to Delete Followers on Instagram?
We all have those cat-happy friends and pushy relatives who are always into bothering and irritating us on our Instagram account. They send such embarrassing comments on our posts and we have no control over their responses.It becomes quite difficult to deal with some followers, especially spammers; and although we cannot delete a follower, we can clean our Instagram account. New and better privacy options have recently been introduced which will make the readers quite happy.
22 Nov 2017
How to Avoid Spam on Instagram?
Instagram spam accounts are an annoying phenomenon that have only increased with the passage of time. These accounts can send messages, add you, and even comment on your pictures. The problem with spam accounts (aside from just being annoying) is that they always have a catch. They comment to try and get you to follow a link (possibly selling something). They may also try to use your established follower base to try to bolster their own followers or a third party’s followers. This is just the tip of the iceberg; some Instagram spam accounts will direct you to links that expose your device to damaging software or they may harass you incessantly. Thankfully, there are some solutions to help combat the constant outpouring of spam that we have listed below.
31 Oct 2017
How to Clean Up Your Instagram Account?
Believe it or not, your social media accounts can have more than just an impact on the standing amongst your friends and family. Yes, silly pictures can attract likes, shares, and general admiration that can make your page the envy of Instagram. Yet, how much thought have you put into what employers might think of your posts and pictures? Employers are checking the social media pages of potential employees now more than ever and there have been several cases in which employers have not hired someone simply because of the unprofessionalism of their posts. So now you might be thinking “how can I clean up my Instagram page?” Well, luckily for you, I’m going to tell you some ways to do so!
06 Oct 2017
Instaspam protection
Instaspam is a spam that often affects Instagram and contains unsolicited messages that can ruin your photos in Instagram.
17 Jul 2017
How to Handle Spammers and Inappropriate Followers on Instagram?
One of the most revolutionary online platforms for sharing your photos is Instagram. It can be trusted and the quality of the content on Instagram is very high.
12 Jul 2017
Instaspam and why it can be terrible for your account
Boosting sales, building a brand, influencing and converting sales is strategically used and has helped new brands to do effective marketing and at affordable rates.
12 Jun 2017
Instagram Cleaner- How to prevent spams on your account?
Like any social media platform, spammers can end up ruining your experience as they spam your inbox, comments section etc.
05 Jun 2017
How to Protect Yourself from Instaspam?
Instaspam is a spam that often affects Instagram and contains unsolicited messages that can ruin your photos in Instagram. With the tremendous growth in technology, spam has also equally grown. This spam can be displayed in many ways, such as fake profiles, fake friends, fake followers, etc.
01 Jun 2017
How to Clean Up Your Instagram Account?
Sometimes it becomes important to clean your Instagram account whenever there are many fake accounts. Here are some tips to give your Instagram account a deep cleanse.
16 May 2017