What a blogger should know when working with an advertiser

12 Nov 2021
What a blogger should know when working with an advertiser

A lot of articles have been written about how to find a blogger for advertising. But what about a blogger who doesn't have much experience in advertising, but has a lot of offers and prospects?

How to find an advertiser

Usually advertisers are looking for you, so many bloggers can call the search for earnings passive. But if there are enough subscribers, and no lucrative offers have yet been received, then you can take this initiative into your own hands. After all, if you start advertising something earlier, you will get more experience! 

Be sure to leave your personal data! How else to contact you? Mail, phone, open and verifiable direct - the minimum desirable minimum for anyone who wants to receive offers for advertising. At first, when there are still few offers, you must forget about the desired communication methods and receive messages from everywhere, be it SMS, fax or pigeon mail.

Types of advertising

Depending on the advertiser, you may be asked for ad formats such as:

— Overview

In this option, the advertiser leaves an opportunity to decide whether a certain product is worth it or not. That is, it does not ask for a positive opinion. You can note pros and cons, recommend only one part of your audience. In general, it is constructive in fact to decompose their product inside and out. Cosmetics companies often do this, sending some products to beauty bloggers for free, but they don't pay anything from above.

There are not many benefits in this advertisement, but it is there: first of all, an advertiser can receive positive feedback for a lower cost, while a blogger still cares about content that you no longer should think about and for which you mustn’t buy anything. And everyone's conscience is clean.

As for minuses, we must say that if the review turns out to be positive as a result, it is difficult for subscribers to distinguish it from a custom recommendation, and this immediately raises questions and suspicions.

— Positive feedback / recommendation

Here, not everything is so simple as in the variant above. Nobody likes selling opinions except those who buy them, but they still spread on an enviable scale. Sometimes they pay so much for a positive reaction that even the most persistent and principled agree. Alas, you can't get away from capitalism.

This format principle is as follows: they send you a product and ask you to tell only the best about it, for which they pay. The stake is placed on subscribers’ trust to the blogger. After all, an opinion leader will not deceive his audience, right? Alas, most often expectations are not met, and someone will definitely advertise a very harmful product for their own benefit.

— Native ads

Native ads is different in that it is not striking and does not feel like advertising as such. This is, for example, a pack of chips of a certain brand lying in the background, which is not paid attention to. Or wine, which is poured into glasses by people leading a dialogue. In general, not a word is said about this product, it just is in the frame. But even that is enough to bring profit to companies.

The audience for this kind of advertising is most often normal, it does not cause negative. In the end, having something in the frame does not mean that this blogger himself could recommend it. However, you should be careful here - you should not promote everything in this way either.

— Layout

This is the name of advertising in stories. It looks like this:

It’s also a very popular format. You can find many free tutorials on how to create and beautifully design it on YouTube, so go and learn!

What is there to do?

“Do ads, that's all” - sounds already difficult for a person without advertising education, but realistic enough to become just a test on the path to fame.

First of all, it's better to study some kind of advertising basis. For doing this, you shouldn’t go to university, you can take courses or google something for free - fortunately, Internet library is growing every day. Remember that advertising is essentially your portfolio for other advertisers who come with a bigger project and a more significant amount.

At first, do not neglect the script and small rehearsals. You must make a good video, and not anyhow, especially if you are just starting to make money in this way. It's okay if it doesn't come out from the first take - later, with experience, an ability to immediately correctly advertise a product or account will come.

And among other things, be sure to check out the product you're promoting! You are not required to conduct some kind of super secret investigation for the presence of any jambs, but if the company is badly burned out somewhere, then you should know about it in advance. Try at least to Google something about this company that offered you a contract. Otherwise, the failure will affect the reputation, which is so important for every blogger, and the loss of subscribers is guaranteed.

Otherwise, only experience will help you. The main thing is not to be afraid and not ashamed of the first customers, even if it turns out badly and they don't like it. Advertising is not like simple blogging, because there’s a higher-level person who evaluates quality, so for you this can be a completely new type of content to be mastered.