Instagram blocked actions, what should you do

31 Jul 2020
Instagram blocked actions, what should you do

Sometimes the blocking is not obvious: the profile itself is not blocked, but you cannot take actions from it. No likes, no comments, no polls - nothing at all. Let's figure out what the reason is and what needs to be done in order to regain our actions on Instagram.

Why is this happen

Too vigorous activity - likes, subscriptions or comments may be to blame for this incident. Instagram has its own limits, and if you cross them, then your profile will fall under the category of “suspicious”. This is how the application fights against bots that randomly like everything and spammers.

How to unblock a profile

If your account is not completely blocked, then this is already a good sign. The action restrictions go away on their own in two weeks, while you can still publish posts and stories.

Even if you think that you were blocked by mistake, you can contact support. It's not a fact that they won't believe you, but it's worth trying. The best solution in the first minutes of detecting an error is to change your password as soon as possible and improve protection, since there is a chance that you could be hacked. And if you are unlikely to find comments, then the likes can be easily checked.

How to avoid situations like this

However, there are some more tips from the Facebook support service on how to avoid falling under the program's algorithms in the future. You've probably seen these recommendations more than once:

- Do not ask someone to like the post or comment, share the post with friends and acquaintances;

- Do not put more than five mentions of people (via @) on a post;

- Do not put more than 30 hashtags per post;

- Do not duplicate comments, do not spam them under posts or direct to someone.

That's all! Try to be more careful next time if you use massliking, massfollowing or third-party services for these purposes. The app does not approve of these promotion methods, so you have to be trickier. Review your limits and make a plan so you don't break them again.