How to see likes on Instagram

24 Dec 2019
How to see likes on Instagram

How to see likes on Instagram

Service of Instaspy from zen-promo for likes following

Instaspy from zen-promo service is created specially for those users who want to follow someone's likes. It's a great tool which allows to track the likes of a particular user. The data obtained will be presented in the form of a report with information about incoming likes to the publications of the profile you are interested in and the likes that the account holder puts to other users. Of course, this service is not very useful in terms of promotion, but it can be useful for other purposes. Instaspy is relevant for users who want to ensure in husband's fidelity, learn the tastes and preferences of a particular person, etc.

The Instaspy service deserves special attention.

Features of Instaspy service

The activity of Instaspy service starts at the very moment when you enter the name or login of the profile you are interested in. The programm collects the person’s publications, analyzes his subscribers and subscriptions, then starts the analysis of incoming and outgoing likes. You will get all the information in a form of a report.

After the analysis and scanning process are completed, you will get the list of Instagram profiles with the following information:

  • link to the profile of the user, from which there are likes (both incoming and outgoing);
  • the number of likes delivered, indicating the specific publications on which they are put;

  • the number of likes put by the person you are interested in towards the posts of this user (also indicating specific publications).

Using the information about mutual likes you are able to filter all found profiles. Instaspy allows you to conduct the most detailed check.

How to use the service

For getting access to the Instaspy service , you need to go to its page in zen-promo or select this option in your zen-promo account.

As we already mentioned, to start verification, you need to enter the login of the user you are interested in and wait for the end of loading the activity.

Then we can learn the verification results.

Prices for Instaspy service

Every user has a chance to analyze one account per day for free. But the free check perfomance is extremely limited. A free check can provide an approximate idea of ​​statistics. Full analysis provides you with much more detailed statistics.

A full check of the three profiles of interest will cost 3 dollars. Here the service will provide you with complete statistics and all filtered information.

Who will benefit from using of Instaspy

First of all, the service will be useful for tracking the actions of competitors. But still, Instaspy is more suitable for those, who want to check soul mate, ex-lover, children, relatives, collegues, friends and acquaintances.

Instaspy allows:

  • to see to whom your beloved put likes;
  • whether husband/wife cheated while a business trip;
  • what the wife or husband were doing in your absence;
  • actions of your kids on Instagram;
  • to get to know whom your friend or sister likes;
  • learn about the tastes and preferences of the one you like;
  • what kind of person send you an application;
  • who is in the heart of your ex, etc.

Perhaps this service will be interesting to someone, maybe even vital. Instaspy will be a faithful friend for them.

Besides, this service has some advantages:

  • security - no risk of profile blocking;
  • wide functionality;
  • convenience - a simple interface;
  • affordable price.

Try Instaspy from zen-promo for free or subscribe to a service for beneficial usage.