Bio links for Instagram, what it is and how to use it

29 Nov 2020
Bio links for Instagram, what it is and how to use it

You won't be able to fit all the information into your profile. Even more - it is not worth trying to shove in something unproductive. It is better to acquire a tool that will help simplify communication with you, make it quick and accessible. How exactly? Very simple - one little link in the bio will solve all the problems.

What is a bio link

A bio link is a page with other links. Package with packages for instagram profile. Since the bio may not fit all the information that is simply needed by everyone who logs into your profile, this tool takes over all the responsibilities. Links to other social networks? You are welcome. The whole assortment of the store? No problem. Subscribe to the newsletter? For God's sake.

A bio link is a mandatory attribute for all professionals who use Instagram to promote their services. It is also used by many companies, especially those that need to communicate with customers. For example, restaurants and cafes, where you can immediately place all the menus and prices, reserve a table, place a poster and work schedule.

There are many services for bio links in different price categories. However, if your requests are very modest, then you can get by with a free demo version.

What to place in a bio link?

— Links to other social networks

Naturally, if you also have a work profile on Twitter, a VKontakte page and Facebook, then indicate them. Situations and people are different, it will be more convenient for someone to contact you on a different platform or get to know you from the other side.

— Messengers, contact details, legal address

Be sure to include the data for communication with you in addition to the instagram itself. If you already decided to get a bio link, then it is better to do it there, and not in the profile header, if you do not want to become a victim of cold calls and spam mailing.

The main thing is not to add information about mails and phones that you do not use. If you do not check your mail because there is a lot of spam, create a new one specially to contact you and set notifications. As much as we would like to keep any communication on social networks, some still have to be left in the form of formal emails.

If you don't answer the phone, just leave it alone. This is not necessary in our time. More and more people admit that they hate calls.

— Your site

No one obliges every first self-employed person to start their own large website, but there are many builders where you can create a portfolio for yourself with minimal effort. An Instagram profile is good, but it's better to have a separate page for information for partners.

— The most necessary

A bio link saves you the burden of shortening the text to get off the bio, but you shouldn't go overboard. Concisely and clearly state what the client or partner should know about, or provide a convenient menu with navigation by category.