How to get rid of spam on Instagram using SpamGuard

04 Jul 2019
How to get rid of spam on Instagram using SpamGuard

As of 2019, Instagram as a social network is breaking all world records. Unfortunately, now you can find not only friends or some interesting people who are exciting to see but also various informational garbage. To solve this problem try a special service called SpamGuard.

Who uses the service

When you are following a large number of people, over time you begin to notice lots of commercial or meaningless publications in the feed and incomprehensible empty accounts in your pending subscriptions. This can be a big problem if you are:

  • A blogger or just a public person who makes money on advertising using the Instagram account. Advertisers always check the quality of followers. So, bots and a bunch of other commercial pages will obviously not please them.
  • Maintaining your business account. Bots and other ghosts are clearly not your target audience, so they will never interact with your product. And Instagram algorithms work in such a way that with a low follower activity it can reduce your reach.
  • SMM specialist. A large number of accounts that need to be maintained are difficult to clean manually. Each SMM-specialist uses third-party services for this purpose.

How to work with SpamGuard

The service includes a large number of functions for maintaining your own account. However, in most cases, an Instagram profile improving algorithm looks as follows:

1. Add your account to the system

As in most similar services, SpamGuard requires particular data from your account: username and password. This is necessary for the program to be attached to your profile in order to perform actions within it. In some cases, the system may send a verification code to your phone or mail that is linked to your account.

2. Perform followers analysis

Before starting further work, the system needs to analyze your account. This can take quite a long time, so there are two options to choose from: regular and quick analysis. In the second case, the service will check only 30% of your followers.

3. Get rid of garbage

Next comes the fun part, namely, unfollowing useless accounts. But first, the system will show you a list of profiles to unfollow. There are ghosts and inactive, empty and commercial profiles. You can remove those that you wish to keep. After the list configuration, the service will begin to unfollow the garbage. This may take quite a long time, since a one-time unsubscribe may be limited to the Instagram algorithm.

4. Enable protection against potential spam

In the end, the program will offer to protect your account from spam in the future. This is a unique development of SpamGuard authors, which works like a neural network. You can protect your page from spam comments, abusive and negative comments (configured using a list of stop words), foreign comments. There are a lot of functions. Some of them are visible in the screenshot.

At the moment, SpamGuard is the most popular program for protecting Instagram pages due to its stable operation and wide functionality.

It's good to block bots because they always interfere. But you don't need to delete commercial accounts.

These profiles are not robots, but real people. They, like others, buy something, look, participate in discussions, ask questions. If desired, commercial accounts can be good followers. Yes, this is not the best option. But if you are engaged in sales, then such profiles can buy something from you. Of course, how you promote your account plays a big role.

Service Benefits

In addition to the obvious and already mentioned SpamGuard advantages, it has other benefits. For example:

  • Service clears non-reciprocal subscriptions. Spam Guard knows how you can remove hundreds of users you no longer need with just one click. If certain people haven't followed you, then the service will unfollow them manually. Thanks to this feature, you can leave only the right readers who follow your life in the news feed.
  • Clearing from inactive subscribers. People with passive profiles don't like you, don't comment on anything or affect the increase in engagement. So you don’t need such ones. If necessary, you can see who didn't respond to your posts for a month. These people are listed and then removed.
  • The necessary ones remain. In addition to the blacklists, the service also provides white. You can be sure that the activity of precious accounts won't be accidentally blocked. When you finish clearing your account, be sure to add the remaining followers to the white list.