Rules of Communication with Customers

20 Jan 2020
Rules of Communication with Customers

The skill of communication with customers is an important quality for any business. There is no need to know how to talk with the client manager, because it is the task of the staff to motivate and make a deal. It is necessary to use all available communication channels: email, messengers, a page in social networks, phone and company chat. That is the only way to get income and to become famous company. Here you will know how to talk with your clients and what are the ways to neutralize negative.

Rules of Communications by Phone

Standard responses are annoying. Many customers still prefer to communicate by phone with a person, rather than with a chatbot. But operators often make mistakes, too. There are some rules of talking by hone:

  • use the name of your client;
  • follow the style of business communication;
  • avoid durable pauses, speak confidently;
  • try to demonstrate your knowledge of goods and services.

Unfortunately, operators often answer like bots: they answer strictly according to the script and can't make a decision without looking at the management. This approach irritates the client, because he needs a personal consultation and a solution to his question here and now.

Note. The problem of strict scripts comes from the high management.

Rules of Communications in Social Nets and Messengers

It is also important to remember how to communicate with customers online. In messengers or social networks, a person feels more relaxed than while talking with operator by phone. A client can avoid compromise, that’s why it is better to use some psychological techniques to figure out how to communicate in this case.

How should the administrator communicate with the client? You have to work with comments as fast as it possible. It does not matter whether the client thanked the company or criticized it. A satisfied customer should be thanked and offered for the further cooperation. It is more difficult to deal with angry people: they are not satisfied with standard answers. That’s why you should edit your script to make client understand that administrator is ready to help and to forget about standard answers.

Note. It is impossible to close comments.

Some companies instead of trying to figure out how to communicate with customers, close the feature to comment under the posts. It seems to be a simple solution, because tracking all brand mentions and working with responses requires human resources and a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to hire a full-time moderator or freelancer who will monitor social networks and respond to comments on time. You should study your target audience, because there is a difference between how to communicate with clients on Instagram and how to work with the same audience on Facebook: there are absolutely different tools.

Rules of Communications in Sales

The main task of a business is to sell products or services. But an aggressive marketing company or intrusive calls to customers at the most inappropriate times can really irritate. Offline communication has several advantages: it is easier to keep the customer's attention, you can delay it without giving them a second thought. So, how to communicate with a customer in the store? You should be polite and confident.

There are some rules of communication:

  • try to describe all the advantages of good or service in several words;
  • give your client more information than it is necessary;
  • be tolerant;
  • don’t ignore a person in spite of a fact that the person doesn’t want to purchase something.

The success of the business depends on whether the current manager knows how to communicate with the clients. Clients avoid sullen and silent managers, but obsession is also annoying. So we need to find a middle ground. Manager should be interested in his work, and looking bored and detached is impossible.

How to Neutralize Negative

Any brand will sooner or later face with a negative. It is important to understand how to communicate with the aggressive customers. There are some rules:

  • Do not delete negative reviews: the Internet remembers everything, and many people who applied for insurance make a screen of their review.
  • Be a professional, do not let the client lead you out. Try to talk quietly, relying on the rules and laws.
  • Solve the client's problem, and specify the exact time when the problem will be solved.
  • Answer the reviews and not in the PM, because many questions are relevant for other community members.
  • Don't forget about publicity: other clients, including potential clients, are also monitoring the conflict. It is important for them to understand how the problem will be solved if the same situation will happen with them.
  • Find the strength to admit that you are wrong if the truth is on the client's side. Offer some alternative options: provide another service or replace the product.

It is important to use simple phrases that are clear to the client. Official style will have the opposite effect: it would seem that the brand wants to show respect, but this manner of communication is only annoying, because it looks like a mockery.


To understand how to communicate with customers, you have to study the experience of other brands. There is the audience that prefers an informal style and humor, there are people, who prefer conservatism. The right tone will help you understand why the client does not want to communicate: perhaps his feelings or ambitions are hurt. But even the bad experience should not be ignored: it needs to be analyzed in order to avoid mistakes in the future.