Mutual PR: how to PR and PR others

30 Apr 2020
Mutual PR: how to PR and PR others

Mutual PR is one of the methods of promotion on Instagram. Its essence is that bloggers simply talk about each other in their profiles. This is reciprocity - you pay for advertising with advertising. And everything seemed to be very simple. But here there are pitfalls.

Why mutual PR is good for you:

  1. It's free

When we talk about mutual PR, we often mean a non-commercial relationship between brands and blogs. This distinguishes mutual PR from the usual one - in the second case, you just buy advertising from a blogger, in the first, you pay with the same PR.


  1. New collaboration

It is logical that such relationships will bring you reliable "allies", relations with which can play to your advantage. This, one might say, is an act of friendship and support, which then can result in something more. And if the bloggers you paid are unlikely to want to sleep on your products again, then the “friends” will do it much more willingly.


Perhaps there are not as many pluses as we would like. And there are also disadvantages - you don’t get promoted to a large audience, you have to choose bloggers of your level, since larger cooperation is not profitable ... however, if you have an audience, but don’t have money to increase it, then this option is just perfect for you. And, moreover, there is another plus.

  1. Finding a blogger for PR is very simple.

Instagram is full of announcements of mutual PR, Like for likes, subscription for subscription. The main thing is, as in any other form of PR, to choose the right audience.

Where to look for bloggers for PR

It’s worth starting with, of course, Instagram itself. Many bloggers place announcements of mutual PR under the hashtags #f4follow, #followforfollowback, #f4f, #sfs, #ifs. Search there.

You can place such an ad yourself, or offer someone who you think suits you. Do not hesitate to ask - many simply forget about the great opportunity to advance through the VP. However, try to select bloggers with approximately the same target audience and the number of subscribers. Do not reach for millionaires if the number of your subscribers has barely exceeded ten thousand.

There are also special services and telegram channels where some users are looking for others for advertising. They sometimes have the opportunity to find proposals for the usual mutual PR.

Things to remember

As we already said, the main criterion for choosing is the number of subscribers and the target audience of the blogger, from whom you want to ask for PR. Don’t be lazy and see if your product will be of any interest to its people.

Along with this, you will also check whether there are many “dead” accounts out of this number that certainly will not do you any good. Very often there are people with wound subscribers who ask for mutual PR from people with the same number, but already living users.

We also recommend checking out your PR comrade in a day or two, because an unpleasant event may happen - the recording will simply disappear without your knowledge. Spreading a PR post on, say, a day or two is normal, only every self-respecting blogger should first clarify this detail.