How to Handle Spammers and Inappropriate Followers on Instagram?

12 Jul 2017
How to Handle Spammers and Inappropriate Followers on Instagram?

One of the most revolutionary online platforms for sharing your photos is Instagram. It can be trusted and the quality of the content on Instagram is very high. But you might have noticed that with such great service, it is also the home of some spammers.

Some recent studies have found approximately 24 million counterfeit accounts on Instagram are present that are aimed to mislead us. Commonly, these types of accounts are called ‘spam bots.’ These fake users can spoil your experience of using Instagram, but there are some ways that can help you handle spammers and inappropriate followers on Instagram. A simple knowledge about them will help you handle it better.

How to differentiate between Spam and Genuine user?


The very first question that comes to your mind while seeing a follower request is whether the follower is real or fake. To find it, see what the comment from the user contains. If it has something like “follow for follow” or “gain 1000 followers,” then it is clearly a spam and so you can instantly distant yourself from that follower. Secondly, click on their account to check. Usually, spammers’ accounts have a bio that focuses on sales or is filled with advertisements about gaining more followers.

What to do after identifying a fake account?


Once you have found that a particular account is a spam, you can directly eradicate the comment on your image by just making use of the icon of trashcan. Further, if you want to block the fake user, tap on three dots on the top right and select report as well as block.

Going Private – Solution or Isolation?


Generally, when we get frustrated with spam messages on almost every photo that we post, we decide to set our profile as private. This somehow gives us rest from spammers but makes our account visible to only those whom we permit as our followers. Setting it also stops you from gaining more followers because your photos don’t appear on hash tags. This is not what Instagram is for. Instagram was made to share your experiences in the form of photos with the whole world. Setting your account as private isolates you from the world in which you equally exist. Moreover, if you send a follow request to someone and your account is set as private, there are more chances of rejection because the other person won’t know what exists in your account.

Give and Take


Instagram is a great platform and should be used for good purposes. You should identify the spammers and let your friends and followers know about them. In this way, you will spread the awareness about fake accounts and execute your role towards social responsibility. This process will be beneficial for you as well, as the spam will be removed as soon as possible.

Finally, the spammers can’t be completely removed from your life and they will interfere whenever they will get a chance. But don’t let their negativity harness your peace. Always stay positive and focus on the best strategies to flourish your account.