What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

16 Mar 2022
What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?


End-to-end encryption of messages is the newest unique feature in most social media messaging platforms. It enables the user to keep messages off the eyes of possible stalkers or crawlers as it bombs or deletes itself after a time chosen by the Instagram users themselves. 

Instagram has a name for it – Vanish Mode. This feature may be enabled and disabled, depending on the preference of the IG account holder. It is normally happening from both ends. So, if any one of the users sets it into vanish mode, messages will disappear eventually, not just from one end but in both. 

The security features allow temporary chats to take place. Right down there at the bottom of your Direct Messages or DM screen goes Vanish Mode. Once activated, it will leave no prints.

Just like in Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct, this feature functions similarly. The catch is that any new message sender cannot have this feature yet. It can only be used by those who already have been following one another, which is still a likeable feature, considering the possibility of spam or unwanted messages. 

Of course, if you are bored of the people you follow you can use an Instagram unfollow app.


Activating Vanish Mode on Instagram

Since not all Instagram messages are meant to be around, a unique feature has been enabled by the app developer. As to how this can be activated in anyone’s IG account, all there is to be done will be as follows. Click on the Instagram icon or app pre-installed in your gadget. The chat icon is normally seen at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Look for the person, who is technically another IG user, or person with an Instagram account. You have the option to create a New Message or you simply go directly to a previous chat session. 

To activate Vanish Mode, simply swipe right up from the screen’s bottom and release. Once the screen background turns to black and loads of hush emojis falls down, you are then in Vanish Mode. Just like the way you use to do it, send your messages as if you are in not in such a mode. The receiving party can tell that a specific chat session will delete itself after some time, as his or her screen will also show the same – black background and falling hush emojis.


Deactivating Vanish Mode on Instagram

The ultimate reverse of activating Vanish Mode in any Instagram account proceeds to deactivation. Ending a chat session in a Vanish Mode is also possible. For instance, you and the other party are done with messages which are not intended to stay long, you only need to do a few things. Simply click “Turn Off Vanish Mode” as it shows right up at the top of your screen. The deactivated Vanish Mode will take effect from both parties. You can tell that whatever those messages you didn’t want to stay in the open, will stay back and hidden. Unless otherwise, someone took a screenshot. The app does also have the capacity to inform any of the exchanging recipients that one of the users took a shot of the supposed hidden screen. 

Once deactivated, the user can repeat the process and do the same with other followers in the app. Even with the same person, it can be repeated at any time. The feature is built-in and it can be activated and deactivated any time.


Advantages of Activated Vanish Mode on Instagram

For the business owners who has already has a presence in Instagram, they tend to use this feature to leverage the business. It increases their business in the sense that they can come up with a game type of interaction among their prospect users, say responding the fastest, by answering questions related to the product being sold or introduced. Once responses are sent, seller can take note of it and it will pump up the excitement of the buyers. Increased engagement will be achieved.

Vanish mode on Instagram is used by entrepreneurs for engagement purposes. When used with a strategy, this works to an advantage, considering the excitement it brings up making people curious. And the FOMO or fear of missing out state almost innate in most humans get hyperactive. Once it becomes a system, you can always create an event relative to the business and Instagram will be your business. 

This is one way of using this Instagram feature to the business advantage. The perky side of the feature appeals to quick readers and responders. Engagement games are fun when there is a time bomb-like ticking app ready to explode the message to nothing at any time.   


Disadvantages of Activated Vanish Mode on Instagram

Although safety and security are anticipated to be at a bare minimum when dealing with social media, there are times when there really is no way out. Once the messages are bombed out or had lived its maximum life span being in the Vanish Mode, no one can really bring it back. 

As the name suggests, it would vanish. Once activated, this can pose a few disadvantages, though. Cheating or untoward discussions can take place. Considering the stiffness of the app in terms of recovering messages sent and exchanged during this time, there is no other way to recover such messages at all. Thus, when important details have been delivered in between those times when the app is in Vanish Mode, such details will forever be lost. 

That being said, there must be security reasons why this feature cannot be activated in Group Chats. This is only applicable in one-on-one conversations. This is one downside found by users. If a secret message is supposed to be sent to several people, this means it must be individually typed and sent as it cannot be sent altogether to more than one recipient. 

The disadvantages are actually not that much. Compared to the business advantages it brings to users, when such a feature is maximized, it will definitely convert into engaged leads and eventually paying clients or buying customers.