Your Personal Instagram Administrator

18 Jul 2018
Your Personal Instagram Administrator

In early days of Instagram’s existence, many people used to believe pumping subscriptions with the help of bots and sending spam messages an acceptable approach to promotion of commercial accounts. In the real life, the situation is quite opposite though. The combination of thousands of subscribers with minimum activity under your posts can evoke nothing but a sarcastic smile. Additionally, this promptly deteriorates the reputation of the page’s owner.

However, if you don’t care about your reputation yet, you just need to become recognizable by means of traffic engagement. In this case, the spam is your bitterest enemy, and bots are extremely harmful. Why?

For photo professionals, it is vital to have a client base consisting of loyal subscribers. To organize an uninterrupted working process, you need a flow of orders for your services and increase your rating. No doubts, you want to be recommended to your clients’ friends and see your rates and the line grow steadily. Also, you would like to choose clients to work only with agreeable people and to continue your creative growth within the occupation of your choice.

Remember though that bots never buy anything, spam is a sure way to the profile ban, while junk comments and spam under your posts will shift you to the end of the Instagram feed. As a result, your direct mail will remain empty, you will be unaware of major events going on in the professional medium, you will not realize what is catching to your target audience, and your targeted advertising will not work.

Spam Guard is a unique online service designed to facilitate cleaning your Instagram account and block spam. With Spam Guard, you can monitor your audience to leave only active human subscribers. The software admits connecting multiple accounts. It features a friendly interface and can be run on mobile devices or a PC. Also, a partner program is offered, where you, for each referral, can get a 20% reward.

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Why You Need This Service

As soon as a photographer starts gathering his/her target audience actively trying to cover the entire Instagram space, he/she comes across mass followers every now and then. These are e-shops, which find you by geo-location, studios or your competitors. The first two categories usually cause not so many concern because they tend to unsubscribe in a while themselves. Your competitors, however, try to take your clients away and destroy your profile by posting negative comments and conducting detrimental activities of any kind.

Deleting bots and competitors in a manual mode is not actually a good idea because:

  1. It’s a time-consuming activity;
  2. If limitations are not observed, your profile can be banned;
  3. Really active audience is oftentimes difficult to recognize.

All you need to resolve the situation is just to provide your Instagram account on the page to find out how much this functionality will cost in your specific case.

New features Spamguard. What new will surprise you with the service and what functions were added.

The software will calculate the rate right away and offer several options to use the service.

Spam Guard is the first smart service cleaning and monitoring spam activities in Instagram accounts. It solves several issues simultaneously:

  • It puts certain subscribers to the white list based on your wishes;
  • It can create the black list to block the spam’s repeated attempts to penetrate into your account;
  • It will prevent your account from banning by securing meeting relevant restrictions related to the periodicity of waste cleaning;
  • It does not consume much space on your device’s memory because the service uses cloud servers to hold the necessary information.

Nothing will impede promotion of such ‘clean’ profile. The rank-based comment system can work to your favor now. The Instagram feed will show your profile only to active subscribers, who are really interested in your offers. The coverage will grow, so you will be more trusted as a professional. If you do not neglect supporting your reputation with a high quality content and post new messages periodically, you will see the number of your live followers grow already in the nearest future. This convenient service is able to spare you the most valuable asset – time. Now, you can get a chance to invest this resource in other projects, which are really important to you.

What to Begin With

Complete a simple registration process by providing your valid e-mail address.

Confirm your action by following a link in the letter that you will receive to your mailbox.

The service admits connecting multiple accounts simultaneously.

Benefits of the Service

Many of you are too busy to be distracted by trivia. The trivia, however, are just what your success is built on. Spam Guard is a service designed to facilitate managing Instagram accounts. Just make a list of your friendly accounts, and the software will keep them intact under any circumstances. This is how the White List feature works. Actually, you just delegate powers to administer your account to Spam Guard.

On step two, the software offers the user to choose between a full or a test account analysis.

Once the parameter is set, the analysis begins. Upon completing, the user will be shown the result. Please, notice that this kind of check requires some time; the duration is determined by how many following accounts you have and how old your Instagram profile is.

Once the aforementioned procedure is completed, your audience will be divided into four categories:

  1. Bots;
  2. E-shops;
  3. Negative accounts;
  4. Non-mutual accounts.

You will have an opportunity to select removing the entire group or only certain profiles.

Given there is a requirement in regard to time intervals between waste cleanings, the service will remove what you do not want to see among your subscriptions step-by-step. Once the procedure comes to the end, the Spam Guard user will receive a notification to their e-mail address. Afterwards, you will be able to perform the full analysis and proceed to step 4.

Protection is a feature designed to safeguard your account against spam attacks and throw away bots during one month.

On each step, the user is provided with relevant instructions and clear explanations. Even if you never did it before, you will hardly experience any problems. By investing minimum time and money, you will obtain a really secure and reliable automated service.

With such assistant by your side, you will never descend to the bottom of Instagram’s feed. You will know that the targeted audience will see you much more often and provide you the relevant feedback. The more comments you manage to collect, the sooner you will get to the top and engage really valuable, high quality subscriptions. When you have an active live audience, you can easily configure proper targeting and make it effective. This smartly targeted advertisement will work much better than all that boring spam.

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ATTENTION! No application installation is performed as this is a cloud-based service, which works uninterruptedly even when your browser is off. Another helpful benefit you get is that Spam Guard will send you reports covering all actions performed during the last day. You will find such summary in your mailbox. Read it to know out what was done to protect your account and help you achieve practical results.

A simple configuration system offered by this service will make your Instagram account a worthwhile platform to be used for easy personal brand development. For each and every photographer, it is very important to attract attention by showing his/her individual advantages and strong features. Select your niche and do not hesitate to promote yourself there through your works. Mention the time between accepting an order and providing a result to the customer. Live, not imitated scenes are preferred in photography. This is a trendy phenomenon nowadays, no matter what the topic of your pictures is.

Instagram was established as a community of people appreciating creative pictures. The purpose of a photo is to attract attention to what is demonstrated in it. Today, Instagram provides professional tools to work with prospect clients. Use Actual section to store your portfolio, while in Stories section, you can demonstrate your working process. The only enemy able to torpedo your success is your profile full of bots. Fortunately, now, you know how such situation can be improved fast and effectively.

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