Instagram Trends for 2020

14 Oct 2019
Instagram Trends for 2020


Today, Instagram is an actively developing platform. Here comes a huge number of advertisers. In order to develop and promote a page on this social network, you need to know all the today ways of playing on this field and keep a page in accordance with the trends.


To maintain interest in your page, you should adhere to the rules dictated by trends. Instagram feed that is maintained in accordance with mainstream always looks relevant and attracts interest.


Large texts have become a trend in 2019 and are not going to give up their positions. A thinking audience is not interested in mini-stories, it wants to read, analyze the facts. The attractiveness of this format is the correct formatting because text without a structure is difficult to perceive.

One style

An Instagram page that is maintained according to certain laws, creates a positive impression of its author. Accounts that don't adhere to a single concept (not necessarily one color scheme) are more difficult to attract the attention of a new audience.


Instagram statistics show that more and more users are passionate about viewing stories, but not the feed. To increase the social network reach, you need to correctly use a tool like Stories, covering all the significant moments of your life. Psychologists even revealed the dependence of people on views of stories: they believe that the basis of dependence is fear to miss important information.

Video content

Quality profile photos are just one visible side of a blogger’s life. Instagram users have become selective, and it's quite difficult to catch their attention. To create and maintain a connection with followers, you need to pay attention to such a direction as video content. Users value maximum openness and feedback. Analysts predict that in 2020, 65% of all Internet traffic will come from video.

Quality content

Instagram acts on the principle of smart feed. It selects for each user the content that is really interesting for him to watch. To increase the followers' growth in your account, you need to create high-quality and ideological content that can interest the most sophisticated audience.

Direct advertising

Users don't like product placement. Now everyone understands that the main way a blogger earns money is to work with advertisers. You need to be as open as possible to your audience, not try to deceive her. Native advertising is a thing of the past.

Advertisers choose young bloggers

The unspoken Instagram rule says that the more followers you have, the higher the likelihood that they are cheated with fake likes and subscriptions by some tools. The advertiser understood this dependence and seeks to collaborate with novice bloggers who have the most lively audience and low prices for advertising posts.

Live content

Users like to watch live accounts. It's interesting to follow a person’s life at a real moment in time, to experience his sorrows and enjoy victories.

It's live communication with the audience in real-time and not a last-year photo in the feed that is in demand among the multimillion-dollar audience.

To date, Instagram has an algorithmic feed. First, a post is visible only to 10 followers, after the Instagram records their reaction (likes, saves, comments), the post is displayed for 100 followers and so on. Accordingly, your content in the feed is not in order but is shown only in the case of the followers' reaction to it. Therefore, even small accounts have the potential to reach a thousandth audience.

When bots follow an account and don't show any reaction to its activity, the coverage of such a page will rapidly fall. To prevent this from happening, there is a special service called Spamguard, which allows you to clean up your account from problems such as bots and mass followers, inactive users, commercial accounts and non-reciprocal subscribers. Due to the capabilities of the service, your coverage will increase, your post will see only interested followers, leaving likes and comments.

Switch from the black side of promotion in social networks to white one and even if you really want to keep all things the same. Unfortunately, many SMM-specialists like mass subscriptions, spamming, mass-sharing and especially mass-looking. Instagram has already begun a total fight with bots, and by 2020 this could turn into a real “promotion torrent” war. Therefore, the white promotion has become visually in demand and influencers in particular.