How to promote B2B on Instagram

28 Sep 2020
How to promote B2B on Instagram

For business owners, social media promotion is one of the important components of marketing. When we talk about this, we are rather imagining B2C companies that use simple tricks to attract their potential customers - ordinary users - to Instagram. But in the realities of B2B, network marketing becomes more difficult to imagine. Is Instagram absolutely not suitable for such enterprises?

Existing experience

All doubts should be dispelled right away: B2B for SMM is not a sentence. You can and should be promoted on Instagram if there is a need to find clients. Moreover, some enterprises have taken root very well, and among them:

— manufacture of furniture and equipment for shops and offices, such as stands and showcases, coolers, specialized office supplies;

— manufacturing of packaging products;

— provision of legal, marketing, logistics and other services.

Of course, that's not all, and the list goes on. Software, platforms, services... With the right approach, any company can unleash its potential.

What to tell in posts

B2B often has a problem with profile design, as beautiful product photos may not have the strength or capabilities. And the manufacturing process does not look aesthetically pleasing enough for such a social network. There is a way out of this situation: to focus on the text.

The first step is to simulate the situation. Imagine yourself in the place of a potential client, the ideal representative of your target audience. What is the first thing you would like to know? There are many nuances in B2B that can be conveyed to customers in this format.

But keep in mind that most of your audience will not be interested in the deal, and they need something else from you. Knowledge and invaluable experience gained while working in this area come to the rescue. Don't underestimate your baggage through trial and error! Someone can be helped by any observations, or they will be an interesting topic for discussion, a reason to share thoughts.

By the way, it's very important to give subscribers the opportunity to speak up. This is a plus for you and for them: commentators feel the importance of views and judgments, and you see an increase in activity in the profile.

There is someone to look up to

There are many examples of successful promotion within Instagram. And no, not only B2B titans like Adobe or FedEx have beautiful pages, although they can also be inspired.

In general, the conclusions suggest themselves: each company has the potential for online promotion, even if it is focused on a specific client.