How to use statistics on instagram

30 Jun 2020
How to use statistics on instagram

Many people know that Instagram makes statistics of your profile, and now for these purposes you do not need to use third-party services. Only here, not everyone knows how to use it wisely and what advantages it can give.

Where is the statistics

Statistics are available only to authors and business accounts. But do not worry if you have already made a personal profile or want to use an already created account for the needs of the enterprise. You can transfer your profile from personal to corporate in just a few simple steps. This is done through the settings.

Basic concepts

All these graphs can be confusing if you first opened this tab with statistics. Perhaps among the indicators there will be incomprehensible terms. Therefore, we denote everything at once:

Impressions - the number of non-unique views

Reach - the number of unique views

Engagement - the total number of actions performed with your posts

Liked - the number of likes

Comments - number of comments

Saves - the number of times your posts have been saved

Statistics on the stories is stored for two weeks, although they themselves exist only a day. In it you can see the number of people watching it.

As you may have noticed, there are no live streaming reports in the statistics. The only indicator that can be used is the number of spectators present, which is shown after the end of the live broadcast.

Also presented are charts with the distribution of your subscribers by location, gender and age.

What is the difference between reach and impressions?

Impressions are all views in general. That is, if one person views your record several times a day, then all this will be considered an additional non-unique indicator. Coverage, by contrast, counts one user per unit per day. And no matter how many times he will come to your profile and open a post - one person is one unit of coverage.

How to use this information

Instagram itself shows you your top record, and does it for a reason. Here you will need the ability to analyze and study the details that your subscribers liked. Sit down, look at this top entry and think: why it? Perhaps the attention was drawn to the professionalism of photography? Or its contents? Maybe in the comments a heated discussion began because of your description? Look at the profiles of those who left you comments and likes, and make an assumption. Try to repeat success using your experience.

Subscribers demographics show you what gender and age your active subscribers are. There is also an indicator in statistics, due to which certain patterns can be derived. First of all, adjust your understanding of the target audience.

However, planning is one thing. And the results may be completely not those that you expected or expected. For example, you might think that only men may be interested in your product, with rare exceptions, and on the graph after a month you see 40% of female visitors.