How to use Stickers-Polls in Instagram Stories

20 Nov 2022
How to use Stickers-Polls in Instagram Stories

Stories are a popular tool of target audience attraction and promotion on Instagram. If you often put stories on your blog, you know many trends stickers. They are not just stickers as they have diverse functionality: you may create instagram survey, add a reference, tags and texts. Famous and novice bloggers use stickers to develop their product. Working stickers help you make your content creative, different and attract more followers. 

How to add a poll on Instagram story? 

   All you have to do is to go to stories and upload some photo or video. Then, in “settings” choose “polls”. The system offers you an option to regulate the size of widget. Many Instagram users are interested in how to view people's responses and opinions. It's as simple as that: just click the lower right corner in your story. It’s a place where there will be all the responses. You may view them or share some with other users. The option "share the answer" helps you. When you do it, a special form will be available. You see your address to the audience and reaction of an individual to it.The users can select a background, add comments and publications on stories.

How to post a survey on Instagram stories? 

   The first step is to go to the Instagram stories and post a photo or video. After that go to the widgets and select “surveys”. This section also allows to change a size or a colour of your widget.

   The next step is to write a question and two possible answers to it. The best way to create the survey is to address to the audience with a short message as people don’t like to read much. Then publish your material in stories and wait for the responses. You may see which option is chosen. Ig also gives its users view

the instagram poll story and check which option is good for the majority of the subscribers.You can also view how many people participated in your survey and estimate the number of subscribers familiarized with your stories with a sticker. 

How to add a scale of voting options on Instagram Stories? 

   There are several simple actions to take for adding a scale of voting options on Instagram Stories: 

  • go to the stories section;
  • choose a photo or a video to publish (it will be used as a background);
  • сlick the icon of a scale of voting options (you may change its size and colour);
  • choose the emoji which will be shown on the scale;
  • after you publish a scale of voting options, your watchers will scroll the slider on Stories to show their reaction to the poll. 

   When you view the statistics, you see how many people took a part in the poll and watched your publication. The figures will tell you how many people watched your stories and gave their answers to Instagram Yes Or No Questions. 

How to add a quiz-sticker on Instagram Stories? 

   The sequence of steps are similar to the instructions mentioned above. At first, go to your Stories and choose a photo or a video for the background. Then,click the widget "test". Your next steps will look the following way: 

  • name a form and write a question;
  • give your subscribers several options to answer;
  • identify the right one. 

   You can choose a number of answers, colour and a size for your poll. How does it work? The person chooses one option and immediately knows whether he gave a right answer. The owner of the Instagram-account can see the whole question statistics and know which options are the most preferable. Instagram quizz stickers are good for the following purposes: 

  • ig surveys;
  • intellectual, humorous,entertaining quizzez;
  • data collection;
  • contests. 

How does Insta survey help to attract new subscribers? 

Stickers is a good tool for experienced and novice bloggers both. It's a special kind of communication with the audience, effective means to promote Instagram-account. People usually like questionnaires, various tests and quizzes. Such an activity looks more real in difference from trivial questions. You can make use of the survey results to: 

  • get a better understanding the needs of your target audience;
  • compile the ideas of your potential clients;
  • create the content people like. 

   The questionnaires help to attract an audience to a certain event or topic you are interested in. When the person participates in the vote, he gets an experience of involvement in any significant event, group or society. Do you like when your followers often ask questions? The most popular questions can be used as the ideas for a new content.

   Try to always pay attention to the topics your audience prefers. Just use stickers regularly to keep abreast and understand what Instagram society mostly likes. When you don't know what to speak about to your users, use the following options: 

  • ask the people to write a short review of your brand, online store or a job. If they agree, they should be as concrete as possible: let them describe what they like about you - it will be a perfect feedback for your development;
  •  announce the contests in stories. Try to make up a difficult question about business and offer a good prize. People are fond of participating in the quizzes to win something useful;
  • offer several stocks in the poll: it will be easier for your clients to choose a better option of the seasonal offer;
  • communicate with your potential clients via private messages to know more about them;
  • ask your followers to help you to choose some useful content - it's a good method to make them feel important to your business.

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