How to post text on Instagram

08 Jun 2022
How to post text on Instagram

Nowadays, the idea of making money online is widely spread. Due to that, almost every Insta-blogger is interested how to post text on instagram.

If you want to attract new followers and promote your profile on Instagram, you need a good design of publications and profile description. Let’s speak about how to do it, so you don't have to google "how do i post text on instagram?" anymore. 

Text on Instagram: tips from the experts 

   The specialists from spamguardapp say that if you have only photos on your commercial Instagram-account - you won't have any more followers and you'll have to forget about increase in sales.

   Of course, visual design is important for Instagram. The main focus of this social network is exactly on the use of different photo, graphics and the video. But you should always remember about the captions to the Instagram-posts. They help everyone to attract the audience's attention and stand out from others. It's also worth noting, some people can't see the picture or photo on your blog, so you must know what is alt text on instagram and how to use it. 

How to work with text on Instagram? 

   At first, don't forget to divide the text into paragraphs. Each paragraph must introduce a new thought. Your main idea must be at the beginning, develop it within a paragraph. It will be good if your paragraph takes from 5 to 9 lines on the mobile phone screen. When it has more than 12 lines - your post may be overloaded.

   Be sure to check your post for mistakes. Nowadays, even one misplaced comma сan lead to a lot of mockery and worsen your reputation. As a copywriter, I strongly recommend you to use some special services for spell checking - you may turn to the Orfogrammka. By the way, I am also a teacher of the Russian language and, of course, advise you to read a textbook and read all the rules. After you do it, you'll spend much less time on your work.

   When you post text on Instagram, make sure that it's short and capacious. Let's dont forget that brevity - the sister of talent. When we write a post on Instagram, the saying is very relevant. When your phrases and idea are laconic and described in a few sentences - the followers will be able to save their time and be thankful for it.

   People always feel any falsehood if the person they are subscribed to, lies. When you start blogging on Instagram, be honest with your audience and say exactly what you think and not what your followers want to read.

   Express yourself, forget about the templates and try to write something unusual, bright and catchy.

   Stick to the following rule: "One photo - one theme". Your post must not contain all the advantages of your product - just take some narrow topic and dedicate a separate post to it. 

 The structure of the post must have the following logic: 

  • introduction;

  • the meaning of the message;

  • call fo action. 

How to type a text on Instagram 

   If you use the ENTER key to go to the next line - Instagram сan combine your text and turn it into a wall. To avoid it, you should delete all spaces in the last line of the paragraph. When you use iPhone, insert an invisible space. 

Use hashtags correctly 

   A wall of hashtags does not work any more - Instagram can define them as a re-spam. Besides, it looks bad - when your post has too many hashtags, they can divert a subscriber's attention from the very text. You'll have to choose 3-5 of the most important hashtags for your post. 

Embrace emoji 

   Emoji help to organize a text and evoke specific emotions. They just make your post more bright. But use smiles accurately and only to the point - if your emoji are in different parts of the text and don't have any meaning and logic, the readers won't like it. The same goes for the post with emojii on its every line - such text is too bright and becomes too difficult to understand. 

Highlighting of individual words and phrases 

   When your follower reads the long text - you have to make him focus on separate important moments of it. That can be done by highlighting some word or a phrase. Such method works well because highlighted words immediately attract the attention of your reader and he wants to read your post to the end to know what you mean. 

Use the following means to highlight important moments: 

  • separate paragraph;

  • words in capital letters;

  • bold;

  • transcription;

  • underlining;

  • mirroring;

  • smiles;

  • strikethrough text. 

   It's important to understand, that not all those methods can be used in every kind of post. Remember: you need to decorate your text with hearts only when you speak about Valentine's day and your wedding. Note that sites and programmes can highlight words in bold only in Latin. 

Keep in mind your target audience 

   Talk to your target audience in their language. Write simpy and clearly without template phrases and specific terms. Imagine, you are talking to a friend and telling him something important. It's the nearest analogy for the language and style of writing you'll use. Turn to creative comparisons. Direct speach and dialogues will help you light up your post, prove your point or move the reader on to the next paragraph. If your message has a lack of emotions, you can explain some ideas using your life experience.

   There's another important point to consider - your topic must be interesting to your subscribers. You'll have to look at your competitors' link profiles and create a poll in your history by offering your followers some ideas to choose. So, you will know what topics you need in your content-plan. 


   Text is a powerful and multifunctional tool, which helps everyone achieve his goals. But you need to constantly write texts to create meaningful and exceptional posts. Ideally - keep working on your style every day so that your skill gets bigger and you become the best at posting text on instagram.

   Your posting schedule should be made in advance. Auto-posting in special programme called Socilakit will help you stick to it. Using this tool you can save your time in publishing your new text posts on Instagram. Besides, you'll be able to plan your work when the followers are active.