Leave only important stuff. How to clean up your Instagram account.

15 Mar 2018
Leave only important stuff. How to clean up your Instagram account.

Leave only important stuff. How to clean up your Instagram account.


Sometimes to massively wipe your following list is not some kind of a crazy idea. If you don’t like your Instagram newsfeed anymore, it’s not a reason to leave a social network and look for another surfing platform. It still has something interesting for you to offer, you just don’t see it yet.


Why do you need to clean up your Instagram following list


  1. Following list doesn’t match your current interests anymore.
    Yes, sometimes it happens. Your life probably has changed after years of using your account. Your interests, values and priorities have changed, and what was interesting just a year ago is not relevant anymore.
  2. Quality of the content has changed in previously good accounts
    Yes, sometimes it also happens. Somebody faded, somebody got spammed by ads, somebody completely changed the topic of content.
  3. The following list is too big
    You used to start following everybody, everybody you knew, then every new friend, random different business accounts. As a result your following list was growing, but your newsfeed was becoming less and less interesting.
  4. Your account was hacked and used for driving up the numbers.
    Sometimes scammers steal accounts and use them for driving up the number of followers. Of course, you are able to get your account back fast, but to clean up all of the mess they left after that is not that easy.
  5. You were promoting an account with help of MF and didn’t finish the job (didn’t stop it).


How to clean up Instagram following list


There is no such option on Instagram to remove the most or all of your following list at once.

In the app you can just remove it one by one. The same functionality goes for web Instagram version. But it can take way too long.

You can reach your goal by going slowly step by step. To look through your newsfeed, to open profiles you don’t want to see anymore in the list and unfollow them.


You can’t clean up the list fast that way neither.


How to massively clean up your Instagram following list.

The most convenient way to unfollow everybody or to remove those who you don’t like anymore will be to use SpamGuard.

  1. Attach your account to the service.
  2. Launch account analysis.
  3. In the Following window, the service will divide your following list into 4 categories. Ghosts (robots), business accounts, inactive and unmutual accounts.  
  4. If you want to unfollow everybody then switch to the second window, switch off all of the sliders so they become gray, and launch the account cleaning.
  5. If you want to unfollow from a specific part of your following list (to remove stores or to leave just those who follow you back), then switch sliders in graphs where you don’t want anything to be done, then look through them manually and add accounts you need to keep to the whitelist. Launch the following list cleaning.

Done! You are great and as well as your Instagram newsfeed!