What to do if your profile is attacked by bots

31 Jul 2020
What to do if your profile is attacked by bots

Beginners mistakenly believe that bots in Instagram somehow help unleash account. But the social network changed the rules long ago. Even if the profile is not blocked, the person's account will become less significant. This will be noticeable to both ordinary users and Instagram administrators. Audience engagement falls, reach is minimized.

And sometimes it happens that on account simply snapped bots. We need to get rid of them urgently. And we will tell you what to do in such a situation.

Where do bots come from

Sometimes the Instagram user is to blame for the presence of bots. If you have ever used the service of promoting your own account, mutual subscriptions, participation in givs or in other dubious ways, then inactive subscribers probably subscribe to you.

In some cases, bots sends by enemies or competitors. But in the second case, you must be a famous person or company. This rule does not apply to ordinary users with 200-300 subscribers.

Why bots are bad

If the profile to subscribers there is a lot of bots, the Instagram algorithms tightly reduces the relevance of a similar profile. As a result, the page in the news feed is no longer visible to most users. Even if you post great content, no one will notice it.

The problem is that it will be difficult to return the previous indicatorsl. You will need to spend enough money. Therefore, it is better to never bring the situation to a critical one.

Urgent measures when attacking bots

The first thing to do is to make your profile private. Your actions:

  • in the upper right corner, click on the button with three dots;

  • go to the "Settings" section;

  • go to "Privacy and Security";

  • in the "Privacy" section, click on the "Close Account" button.

Now, under no circumstances accept incoming requests for a while.

Next, you should change the @username of the profile. But only if you don't have too much organic traffic. Otherwise, there is a great risk of losing all new subscribers. However, you can attach the old username to another account.

How to deal with the remaining bots


This option is fine if you have no more than 1000 subscribers. This is done like this:

  • take a look at spammers first. If you have been left with unwanted comments, then send these profiles to the blacklist. It is enough to click on such a person “Block”.

  • Identify commercial accounts among subscribers. They also need to be added to the emergency.

  • The hardest part is identifying inactive bots. Scroll all subscribers and look at the suspect. Usually they have the same content or they don't have it at all. Feel free to delete.

Using services

Specialized services will help you save time and nerves. They will remove unwanted audiences from your account much faster. For example, you can use Spam Guard.

It has a free trial, the ability to quickly create black and white lists, and receive detailed reporting. If you do not have very many subscribers, then verification will take little time.


To prevent unwanted subscriptions, never use services that promise you thousands of subscribers for little money. Also, once a week, clean your account of bots. Traffic control has positive results. Don't forget about the quality of the content you create.