Is masslooking effective for promotion

30 Dec 2020
Is masslooking effective for promotion

Masslooking is indeed much safer for the account that uses it. Bots arrive much less frequently, there is less spam, and the statistics are fine. And the traces of the crime are not so obvious! It would seem like an ideal promotion method. But, alas, all dreams sooner or later collide with a harsh and cruel reality.

Why masslooking doesn't always work

Previously, not many people used this method of promotion, and it bore fruit many times more successfully. Now, when hordes of commercial accounts attack one unfortunate person, this does not arouse interest in a potential subscriber - only irritation. Even T-Killah, the popular rapper, watched his story - isn't that outrageous?

And this is understandable! The focus is lost, and he sees not a couple of unfamiliar profiles, but a whole army of twisted similar business profiles. The most he can do is to quickly scroll through this list in search of at least something interesting. And then your hour comes.

How to get attention

In order for a potential client's gaze to catch your eye, you need to take it with a profile, avatar and description. This is all your hope and support. So put yourself in the shoes of a very busy and annoyed person flipping through an endless list of unfamiliar pages, and try to figure out what pair of words would attract you.

Option 1. Short and honestly.

Sometimes it’s enough to just indicate what you do. If masslooking takes place exclusively among people of your target audience, then this method is quite working and honest.

Option 2. Lure with a benefit.

Well, everything is simple - run a promotion, conditions in the profile. An extremely successful and enjoyable method for everyone. If a person is, in principle, interested in the product that you are selling, then he will definitely open the page at least in order to find out these very conditions. And what to do next is another conversation. Not every action will be able to retain attention.

Option 3. Riddle.

Well, the lowest, but typical Instagram method is to give your adventures in other people's stories a veil of mystery. Sometimes, in order to challenge people, it is enough just to write “Go to your profile and find out why I am watching your stories”. And many will rightly argue that they don't really care. Yes. But I still want to know the answer a little.

Things to remember

Despite the fact that of all the “gray” methods of promotion, masslooking is indeed the most harmless, it still has certain risks. First of all, it is worth taking into account the entire experience of masslikers who were blocked for exceeding the limits. There is also a limit on views, and you should definitely familiarize yourself with it.

It is better not to use masslooking as the main method of promotion - in addition to the fact that it is not effective enough in itself, it also brings negativity from some users.


An inexpensive method of promotion, when using which you need to know when to stop. Not super effective, and in general it only works if you have a clear idea and a talent for luring with slogans. And let everyone decide for themselves whether it's worth it or not.