Instagram profile analysis: page design mistakes

23 Oct 2019
Instagram profile analysis: page design mistakes

Incorrect posting frequency

Instagram has no restrictions on the number of posts per day. But if your account interacts with the audience, then you set a certain border for yourself. Marketing and SMM experts advise not to post more than 2 photos or videos per day. Continuous publications annoy followers as they clog the feed. At the same time, it's important to maintain activity. Content that was posted last week can cost your account hundreds of unsubscriptions.

It's not recommended to post all material at the same time. There is no clear schedule by which users access Instagram. When uploading photos in the morning, afternoon and evening, you will reach a larger audience.

Ignoring Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are auxiliary tools that are needed to promote your profile. To learn how to compile them correctly, you can use the resources, They help to create a “cloud” suitable for a particular post. In attempts to adapt to Instagram algorithms, it's necessary to observe moderation:

  • placing 10 or more hashtags per post is undesirable. Spamming causes rejection among users and a negative Instagram reaction;
  • 2-3 hashtags relate to the brand name, the remaining 3-4 become thematic.

If the account owner wants to add additional hashtags, this can be done through comments. When promoting accounts, you need to apply personalized and branded hashtags.

Unclear profile heading

Instagram gives 150 characters so that the account briefly acquaints visitors with its content. Many pages don't cope with this difficult task, which leads to a decrease in traffic. When creating a “heading”, you need to understand how you want to present your brand. The structure of the standard description consists of four sections:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do?
  • What is your location?
  • How to contact you?

It's assumed a short and concise narrative style. Links to the official site are welcome — if your company has one. The profile header is the only place in which clickable links are located. Your visitors will be able to go to the site with one click.

Incomplete visual component

Instagram is a business platform, but it appreciates the aesthetics and quality of photos. Brands attract customers primarily by visual “gloss” of their products. This should be remembered when selecting images for downloading. The user sees a picture and only then goes to the text.

When creating visual content, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • photos are taken in high resolution (1080 * 1080 pixels for square pictures);
  • uniform style. Many accounts confuse a common style using the same filters. But the complexity of this paragraph is that the profile owner needs to offer new solutions while remaining within the framework of his usual design;
  • a schedule when to post photos and videos. A large role is played not only by images but also by their combination with each other. It's important for the account owner to periodically look at his profile and identify failed decisions. An example of such a solution can be an unreasonable number of bright and colorful images.

Refusal from the preventive account “cleaning”

Each Instagram profile over time “grows” with spam, bots, and other cyber-garbage. Untidy pages that don't follow the number of subscribers sooner or later fall under Instagram algorithms and cease to appear in the users' news feed. To avoid negative results, check your account for:

  • bots
  • mass followers;
  • foreign accounts;
  • deleted profiles.

Bots are dead accounts that are regulated by special programs. Instagram bot tasks include subscribing, posting comments, liking, etc. Bot profiles are usually empty. Their nicknames are an unreadable series of characters and letters. The presence of several bots in subscriptions is not dangerous. But when their number is growing rapidly, your account will face the following consequences:

  • a decrease in engagement. Instagram feed takes into account the ratio of active and inactive audience. The increase of dead followers prevents the promotion in the TOPs;
  • unattractive appearance. Subscribers always pay attention to the content. If your page is oversaturated with spam and empty comments, interest in it goes out;
  • problems with finding advertisers. A decrease in engagement naturally leads to a lack of demand among advertisers. Companies will not want to buy ads from a profile that hasn't an increase in the audience.

How to remove bots and mass followers

Special services are intended to clean accounts from bots. One of them is Spamguard. It filters followers and deletes user-selected categories. The service provides manual and automatic profile cleaning. To register, you will need to create a login and password. Then you must add your Instagram account (one or several).

For verification you can choose one of two options:

  • test analysis;
  • full analysis.

When neural networks complete the test, they will provide statistics. Here will be indicated the next categories of followers:

  • bots
  • commercial accounts
  • non-reciprocal subscriptions;
  • inactive profiles;
  • foreigners.

Based on this data, you can start cleaning mechanisms according to the selected criteria.