Why it’s bad to have ghosts (bots) among your followers.

07 Mar 2018
Why it’s bad to have ghosts (bots) among your followers.

Why it’s bad to have ghosts (bots) among your followers.

Do you even know how many ghosts among your followers? If not, then SpamGuard will help to track them, count and wipe them while we tell you more about them in details.

The amount of Instagram accounts has reached more than half a billion already, but nobody knows how many real users among them. According to the research, 30% of accounts were inactive and 8% were fake after analyzing 10.2 million of them.

Try to think it over personally. Can you imagine? 38% of your account followers can be “fake”, and the amount of them can be even higher if you purchased low-grade promotion before. You have to do something about it, and we’ll tell you what exactly.


What kind of thing are ghosts on Instagram?

Instagram-ghosts are completely empty profiles and accounts with justs a few published posts, who tend to start following everybody. Usually, they start following those where they are asked to.  

If you happened to have bots in your account, it means most likely you lured them by yourself.

Yes, yes when you bought your followers or came across not a very good SMM-specialist.  

There has been a new explanation for bots in your Instagram profile recently, that you were targeted on purpose by your business opponents.


Why do you need to buy ghosts on Instagram?


People used to buy them in big amounts, so you could:

  1. Finally, make your account awesome and sell ads there;
  2. To be the first by key search results;
  3. To secure trust among real users.

People buy bots for same reasons now, but that’s not all. Some of them wind up the number of ghosts because:

  1. Want to ruin business opponent’s account;
  2. Haven't heard about new better changes yet, or don’t want to change the way they used to work;
  3. Quickly have to make it look like as if all goes well for an ordering customer.


Why Instagram ghosts are bad

There used to be times where there was neither harm nor benefit from them, but now they can ruin all of your efforts and money invested in promotion.

  1. Let’s start with that bots are regularly get removed, but they get registered again and again. This is an automated process and you can’t stop it. It means that when you bought followers and could easily “track” them, but this amount is slowly decreasing. No, they don’t become active out of sudden they were just simply removed.
  2. It’s also illegal, not by criminal codex of course, but Instagram rules are against buying bots. If you get caught doing that your account can be banned once and forever.
  3. You don’t see a real picture of what’s going on in your account. You can’t count your real followers engagement. You don’t know how many of those views were actually seen by real users. Basically, you don't know anything if your work is effective or not.
  4. When you have bots as followers you simply can’t use all benefits of systematic Instagram promotion because bots will mess up all algorithms. Nowadays Instagram helps users in all ways to find what they really need, and what suits their interests. For example, your account can be recommended to other people based on audience analysis among followers. Instagram has found a general idea of your content, found a user similar to such parameters and recommends him to check out what you’ve got in your account. Your posts can also get into interesting or into users’ newsfeed if they follow hashtags you’ve used. Plus your post can also appear in your followers’ friends newsfeed.


But you’re not going to get any of that because ghosts have neither friends nor interests. There you have it.


By the way bots will never buy your product or recommend you to friends, that’s why to collect them just for a big amount is absolutely pointless.


How to check if you have bots among followers?

If you have lots of followers but not many likes it means two things, they don’t check your posts or there are many bots among your followers.


Signs of a typical ghost

  1. The account name is a broken and set of random letters or digits;
  2. No avatar;
  3. No posts;
  4. No followers or the same type of followers
  5. Many outcomming followings


Of course regular users can be also like that especially if they are not active in social networks and just view content, but name should be more real at least, plus an avatar (can be but not for sure).


How to get rid of them


Analyze your account in SpamGuard, to track ghosts among your followers. You can also remove them from here.

To do so just add SpamGuard to your account and launch the service. Then go to Followers window and pay attention at those whom the service highlighted as Ghosts. You can manually view them in case such accounts look like real, but not very active people, and add later to the whitelist those who are not actually ghosts.

Drag all sliders in Choice column so all green followers are those who you want to remove from your account. Also don’t forget to turn off everything in the followings window and only then launch removing process. SpamGuard will delete all bots from your account.