Highly Shareable Instagram Content

18 Apr 2019
Highly Shareable Instagram Content

A good thing about Instagram is that it allows creating your own audiovisual content and by following the trends that are popular around the world at a certain time, bringing a lot more people your way. For achieving that, here are some tips to help you reproduce content based on the most shareable content online.

  • Posting themed visual content


One thing that can make your content more interesting to your audience is following a certain theme on your page. You have probably gone through a few other influencers’ pages that are using perfect colors, theme dividers and certain pictures in the middle row of their feeds for giving them a unique look.

If it will be difficult to recreate, good news is that it is not at all difficult to make them happen on your page as well. Here are some ideas you can recreate without much effort.


  • Line of pictures


Using this tip, you must pick a row of your Instagram feed which will consist of certain pictures. They can be motivational quotes, a certain pattern you enjoy or even a while, plain picture.

No matter what you choose, you should upload them at a certain frequency for having enough space between your regular pictures and dividers. Most people go for leaving the middle row blank, but you can experiment with different patterns and frequencies and see what works the best for your feed and audience.


  • Split pictures


For most Instagram influencers, split pictures have become a huge thing. Instagram influencers, using certain apps, essentially divide an image into 3 or more images, depending on the size of the original, and they continue to publish them in a certain order so that any viewer is presented with a much larger version of the original image.

Not only are these images interesting from an artistic point of view but they also tend to attract a bigger following as they make people curious to see what the final picture will appear to be.


  • Pastel theme


By choosing a pastel color of your liking for your pictures, you can create a theme that looks girly, stylish or even retro. Pastel never goes out of style and depending on your goals you can really attract the audience of your liking without much effort.


  • Rainbow theme


Rainbow themes can help you be much more creative with your content and show your subscribers your passion to offer them a result that is aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. After all, it can be used for promoting your products, for example, clothes of your brand and thus show them that they can combine similar shades of colors and at the same time look fashionable. 

No matter which theme you choose for your page, these are all ideas that can help you stand out from the crowd. They might be a little bit more demanding to keep up with but also they are bound to catch an eye of any potential followers who are interested in your brand.


  • Writing the perfect caption


Posting creative and interesting pictures might seem like it is the biggest part of an Instagram feed but in many cases, it isn’t enough. The second most important thing that will complete a picture is the caption. Depending on the type of content you post on Instagram, you can write things in your captions which will be related and will be able to accompany your pictures or videos accordingly.

In this case, it is a good idea to make your captions a little more personal. You can talk about things that inspire you, incorporate famous quotes and even talk about how your brand came to exist. If more feelings are invested in your signatures, there will be an opportunity to get closer to your audience and create long-term relationships.

Another post that is important to creating the right caption is making sure that the quality of your written content is also good. This essentially means that you must be sure that you write in a way, which is not tiring for a reader or too difficult to understand, and your text is free of any accidental grammatical or spelling errors.

For achieving that, here are some of the best tools you can find online.



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  • Hosting giveaways


Giveaways are very popular on the platform in our time and day. They are a surefire way of gaining a bigger following and attracting more comments and likes on your posts. Most influencers who host giveaways have a series of rules which accompany their posts.

They usually ask their subscribers to mark several friends, subscribe to their account and other accounts with which they can collaborate on the giveaway, like the post and finally publish a photo of the giveaway in their feeds

All of these rules give the followers a small amount of time to follow them in order to have a chance at winning a nice prize. Liz Andres, head of marketing for Federal Resume notes, “The urgency this “deadline” creates will always work in favor of the influencer as it is a known fact that everybody likes to have a chance at winning something free of charge”.


  • Working with other influencers


Collaborations and partnerships are a big thing on Instagram these days. Companies love to work with well-known influencers who will be able to promote their products and services and influencers like to collaborate with other influencers for growing their followings easily.

Whether your social media page belongs in either of these categories, you will still come to find that coming in contact with other influencers is not the most difficult thing in the world. People who are popular on social media are always on the lookout for collaborations as they are truly beneficial to not only their following but also their wallet.

The best way for a company to approach an influencer is through their professional email or their DMs on Instagram. You should keep your proposal sort but detailed and Pat Fredshaw, head of the content department for Essay service suggests, “Reaching out to someone through their professional email account is a great tactic which will show off your professionalism and good will to collaborate”.

If you’re an influencer, on the other hand, you might just leave a comment underneath one of the other person’s post. If you have mutual followers, your comment will get upvoted by them and sooner or later they will be the ones reaching out to you for that collab you might have suggested.


  • Setting unique hashtags


Last but not least, another thing you can use is hashtags. Instagram users really appreciate the use of hashtags and you will come across many people who will have found your account through a hashtag you chose for using.

Creating your own unique hashtags is also quite important. Those hashtags can be used in order to spread the word about a giveaway, promote a new product or simply give a shout out to new users who have started following your account.

“The hashtag you create should be easy to type out without errors and it should also help the follower connect it to your brand. Make it as long as you wish, as long as it is easy for your followers to find and use”, suggests James Long, an SMM specialist at Canada-Writers.

Making your Instagram page stand out

Running your own page on Instagram might not seem like the easiest thing but there are many ways for running it successfully. There are secrets and tips influencers and brand use in order to stand out and they can, in fact, help you make a difference towards making your brand more visible online.

Which of these tips are you looking forward to trying in the future?


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