What to do if deceived in instagram store

31 Jul 2020
What to do if deceived in instagram store

Instagram is a huge social network where users can post photos and exchange likes. However, this platform has become a place for business, they began to open online stores or offer their services. Only a few Instagram stores are questionable by the average user of the platform. The social network does not protect people from buying any thing like Aliexpress. Therefore, you should be more attentive to the sellers of Instagram stores, since this platform was created for publishing photos, and not conducting transactions in Direct. Let's talk about what to do if you cheated on Instagram.

A few words about Instagram stores

Instagram stores are different. For example, there are many shops for clothing, handicrafts, confectionery, technology, and so on. And they all work in different ways: some function to order, others sell finished goods by placing an order or bringing the goods in person. However, fraudsters can also work in such areas, exhibiting goods at a low price or with a huge discount. After a regular user transfers money to the seller, the scammer stops appearing on the network and does not respond to messages by adding the user to the blacklist or deleting his own account. I deceived the store on Instagram: what to do?

How to recognize scammers

First of all, you should pay attention to the reviews, statistics and recommendations of this seller. Yes, the reviews can lie, but if you know people in real life who bought in this store, then, most likely, everything is clean. When it comes to statistics, it is important to make sure that the growth is gradual. The brand is also important, you should not trust the muddy and dubious. There are many stories on the Internet about how bloggers are cheating on Instagram. Cheated on Instagram store, what to do? Read about it below.

How to get money back if you fell into the clutches of scammers

If you have been cheated on Instagram for money, if you have become a victim of fraud, it is recommended to save all correspondence, the purchase receipt for the goods and take screenshots of the store account. So you can save the data of the fraudster (if possible), and you need to do everything very quickly. You also need to write to Instagram technical support, attaching proof in the form of correspondence and a receipt. They will answer quickly enough and block the fraudster, but the platform moderators will not be able to help you with a refund, since all actions can be carried out in mobile banks or in e-wallets. Cheated on Instagram: how to get your money back? How to bring a fraudster to justice?

You can go to the bank or visit the bank's website and apply for a chargeback. Chargeback will cancel the card transaction that you made when purchasing the product and return the money to your card. To do this, you need to take with you a passport, a bank statement (if you do not have one, you can ask a bank employee), an application for a chargeback and an evidentiary base (on the basis of which you make a chargeback, you will need your checks, screenshots and data of the fraudster)

If you cheated on Instagram, the seller does not get in touch and did not send the goods, then you can contact the police at your place of residence and show evidence. Recently, the IT sphere has been developing, along with it, cyber crimes are progressing. Therefore, the police are increasingly involved in cases of crimes on the Internet, and you have a high chance of getting your funds back. More and more often, the laws of order find hackers and fraudsters from the Internet, all of them are prosecuted under Articles 159 and 272 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (punishment - imprisonment) and usually come across because of their mistakes and oversights.

In order not to fall into the clutches of a fraudster, you should pay attention to the Instagram profile (name, logo, photo), to the seller's product, communicate with the store subscribers (they bought the goods, did they come to them, etc.), check if they have social media seller. Also, experts in the field of information security advise not to provide any data about yourself and not to specify logins and passwords. Read on the Internet about the mass of ways how people are deceived on Instagram.

Thus, it is better to buy a product on an Instagram store only when there is an exact certainty that the seller is not a fraud. You can only protect your data and money by staying vigilant.

Some tips on how to avoid getting divorced

1. Deal only with trusted people and those whom someone you trust has recommended to you. Be sure to read all the reviews, especially negative ones. You can even contact the author of such a review and chat with him.

2. Never stop at a little filled page.

3. Try not to pay in advance if possible.

And if you cheated in Instagram and the seller did not send goods, but now you know what to do.