Fundraising on Instagram and its possibilities

31 Aug 2020
Fundraising on Instagram and its possibilities

Fundraising is a collection of funds from non-profit organizations. These are government agencies, associations, and charitable foundations. Fundraising is carried out mainly only by the last category of NPOs, since almost all of their working capital comes from donations from caring or sponsors.

How fundraising got online

The news about the needs of the sick and homeless on the Internet is not something paranormal now - charitable organizations have long been accustomed to all available platforms, including Instagram. While many have technical problems, online build rates are growing every year.

For NGOs, the possibility of online promotion is a great blessing, as it allows the organization to reach a large audience. But at the same time, there is a likelihood of sinking into competition for a donor.

How to raise funds on Instagram

Unfortunately, the fundraising tool is currently only available in the US, UK and Ireland and is in test mode. It works according to the following principle: a person creates a fundraiser through the account settings, enters information for the payment processor, adds photos and descriptions, and after approval by moderation, funds can be raised for this fundraiser. Everything is taken into account up to the collection goals, and only people over 18 years old will be able to open fundraising. The term is 30 days, but it can be extended an unlimited number of times.

Nevertheless, it is completely unnecessary to wait for such a function to appear. You can start fundraising right now.

In Russia, suitable hashtags are used, for example, #needhelp. By clicking on it. a potential donor can choose himself which of those in need to donate funds. Sometimes bloggers who are not indifferent to the problems of this world ask people to donate to a fund. Or create your own! Like Ilya Varlamov, who opened the fondvnimanie, which helps preserve historic buildings throughout Russia.

The secret to successful fundraising

Successful NGOs, already proven over the years, adhere to some common features. For example, the websites of organizations and foundations usually offer a minimum number of pages. There is only the bare essentials - a home page with a big donate button, documents and financial statements. On some pages, donations are made literally in one click - the organizers try to make the payment with the fewest steps. After all, you must agree, very few people will like to bother with the transfer of money that you want to give free of charge.

Your task is the same - to make the donation process as easy as possible. The most important thing is, first of all, feedback, which must come on time. Every person is important. Anyone will appreciate the gratitude.

Create deadlines. They motivate people not to postpone donating funds on the back burner (after which they will completely forget about your existence), but to deposit money now.

Do not forget to post reports on spending funds. Who did this money go to, for what, how and why. You can create your own “wall of honor” and post the people who contributed the highest amount there. Only before that, of course, you should ask permission to publish the data.

It is difficult to promote your fund on Instagram, because people are afraid of bumping into scammers. But if you take care of your reputation and provide reports on financial fraud, then there will definitely be those who are not indifferent.