How smart Instagram feed works

29 Nov 2020
How smart Instagram feed works

The work of a social network feed may seem like something completely random and unpredictable, but everything has its own patterns. And it is important to understand them not only to increase coverage, but also for targeting, advertising with a blogger, and just a comfortable existence on Instagram. Let's understand this difficult task: why does Instagram give us certain posts to the top?

How fees'd formed

The smart Instagram feed now focuses on the following metrics: time, interest and importance of the subscription for the user. So, first things first.


  1. The importance of subscription to the user has always played a significant role in the compilation of the feed. Instagram algorithms have always been in a hurry to show you, first of all, the profile of the one you most often like, comment on, or whose page you just visit regularly. Then there are those in whom you show moderate interest, and after that - the subscriptions that you could completely forget about. Because of this, there are many situations in which a real subscriber hangs in the profile as a dead weight and does not show any activity. If this is your case, then there are several ways out: either to clean up inactive assets in order to raise coverage and statistics, or try to fly into their feed and remind you of yourself.


  1. It's no secret that the subscriber's area of interest also plays a role. Instagram offers the user, first of all, topics that are interesting to him, analyzing the search and posts that he likes / comments. Subscriptions specific to it will be of lower priority. Therefore, it is so important to select exactly your target audience, which will be interested in the content.
  2. Chronology is probably the most obvious of the three. The fresher the news, the higher it is, everything is simple.

In addition, your activity in the application plays a significant role. How often do you visit and how long do you sit, for example. If for you entering Instagram is like a quote from the animated series Rick and Morty, “go in and out, quick 20 minute adventure”, then the algorithms will not rearrange the records much, since you are already looking at everything. If you are a busy person, you open Instagram once a day in order to like a couple of posts and run away on business, then everything is more difficult - a real struggle for primacy will begin among the subscriptions.

Собственно, из-за этого же количество подписок тоже влияет на ленту. Чем меньше их у вас, тем меньше приходится исхитряться. 

What you need to do to get into the subscribers feed

Not everyone can outwit Instagram, since very little depends on you when forming a feed. Frequent posting will not help in any way to attract the attention of those who simply cannot see the post. But not everything is so hopeless! Some tricks may be able to help you.

  1. Analyze the situation. Maybe you just bored subscribers with a variety of content, and they will pay attention to you again if you do something new. Find your most liked post, read the comments to it. Perhaps this will give you an idea of what to work on.
  2. Feel free to ask subscribers directly. Their opinion is really important to you, this is not a joke! Dedicate at least one post to collect the maximum feedback with wishes and criticism. The latter may turn out to be unpleasant, of course, but if you want to develop, then you cannot do without it.
  3. Experiment. Use different formats of content on Instagram, try new algorithms, hashtags. In the case of posting on social networks, leaving your comfort zone for the sake of experiment is simply necessary, otherwise how else will you probe the most effective strategy?
  4. Follow the trends and stay tuned for news, especially Instagram updates. Information is your tool for getting customers.

And this, perhaps, the end of our advices. The rest depends only on your skills and abilities, as well as many other factors that we cannot take into account. Good luck to those who seriously decided to regain greatness and views from their audience - this will be a difficult, but very revealing path.