Instagram Cleaner- How to prevent spams on your account?

05 Jun 2017
Instagram Cleaner- How to prevent spams on your account?

Instagram has raced far ahead and become a leading social media platform. It has given a wave of rise of bloggers of food, travel, fashion etc. It has enhanced the online shopping experience and has been a great way of promoting various business and services. Social media marketing has become a primary mode of promotional activities and advertisements. The quality of photographs has become great, and people love showcasing their lives on this platform. Like any social media platform, spammers can end up ruining your experience as they spam your inbox, comments section etc.

Instagram spammers

Instagram spammers spam accounts in a variety of ways and can be really annoying when the frequency of spamming is high. Suddenly a surge of followers of fake accounts, inbox messages, or click bait comments can annoy the user experience of individuals and bloggers. Although Instagram regulates its servers and cleanses its network often, it can create havoc to the number of followers of celebrities, businesses and products. A sudden cleanse has reportedly caused loss of followers of a massive amount. Upcoming accounts and bloggers can suffer massively as it could reduce their follower base. Accounts with a large follower bases get affected less as compared to a smaller follower base.

How to prevent spamming?

There are multiple ways to prevent spamming on your Instagram account and enhancing user experience. As the number of spam followers or spammers decrease the number of genuine followers tend to increase. This is highly beneficial for business, bloggers and products trying to sell something to their target audience. More the target audience, helps boosting sales and account access. Preventing spamming can be done in a variety of ways like by avoiding use of generic hash tags which are easily accessible to spammers as a way of finding your account. Avoid following accounts with click bait links in their profile descriptions, or fewer posts, or posts of similar spam. The further your account is off their radar the better you can prevent them from spamming your account. Another way is making your account private, but it can affect your visibility and reach massively hence should be avoided. Instagram also has a report spam option, however the process can be tedious and time consuming. Installing an Instagram cleaner on your phone or device can be of great help.

Instagram cleaner

The unfollowing process of Instagram is very time consuming and boring, hence having an Instagram cleaner application which helps you identify spammers and non followers and unfollow them or report them can be of great use. It can clean your account within minutes and help save time. Wiping ghost followers, businesses, inactive users etc can be done in a few clicks and very easily. It blocks commonly identified spam accounts and guards your account from spamming. A great application will have multiple features offered like fast cleaning, cleaning of multiple accounts, white listed account lists, accessible throughout multiple devices, and a daily or monthly report generation listing the accounts black listed and unfollowed or reported. A sound company usually allows free trials to consumers to help make their decision better to subscribe to their services.