Causes of blocking Instagram and how to avoid it

16 Jul 2019
Causes of blocking Instagram and how to avoid it

Instagram is a huge platform where people not only communicate or share photos, but also engage in commercial activities. Due to the considerable number of users involved in the promotion of their accounts to gain popularity, the problem of spam seriously arises. This also applies to those to whom it is directed, and those who directly promote the profile. For the latter, the danger lies in the fact that the execution of repeated automatic actions is regarded by the administration of Instagram as undesirable actions, which can lead to a page lock and ban.

The blocking on Instagram is designed to protect social network users from advertising spam. Most often, account holders are faced with a temporary blocking of actions. It is a ban on the setting of likes or subscriptions. When you try to like a post or follow new unique users, a message about the impossibility of performing these actions appears.

The ban appears if you perform actions too often or perform them from several devices at the same time. In this case, the system places a short-term prohibition-warning, which partially restricts the use of the social network.

The next step will be a temporary account ban. The ban is placed on using the account until the user checks and sends an SMS from his mobile phone number.

Finally, a permanent ban. This kind of punishment is issued for serious violations of social network rules. In this case, neither the recovery of the account nor the use of old details for registering a new one is possible.

How to avoid blocking

First of all, accounts with untypical activity or too sharp start are absolute subjects to blocking. The Instagram administration quite rightly believes that such profiles try to bypass the algorithms and work unfairly, using automatic actions. For convenience, we will divide all Instagram profiles into three types:

  • Private or commercial;
  • Unique or non-unique content;
  • Whether or not there is a link to your Facebook profile.

Every second response adds suspicion from the social network. For commercial accounts, gradual and planned increase of indicators is especially important. If they have thousands of unreasonable likes and subscriptions for several days, it will lead to at least temporary blocking until clarification of circumstances.

The second important point is compliance with the limits. In 2019, the number of likes + subscriptions per day is limited to 1000 actions with an interval of at least 30 seconds, comments should be left no more than 12 times per hour. Restrictions may vary depending on the above account types.

Instagram closely monitors cheating for new accounts, exceeding the limits will lead to a ban. No need to try to walk along the edge of the limit. It is just an undue risk and any change in the rules can lead to checking and blocking.

Full account control - Spam Guard service

We recommend Spam Guard for monitoring subscribers and social network actions. It can not only look after the limits of the maximum number of actions per day, but also cleans the account of possible spammers, inactive accounts, fakes.

The service features include:

  • Analysis of subscribers and the allocation of suspicious accounts;

  • Clearing accounts from dead, inactive profiles;

  • Filter comments, compile your spam list.

Cleaning actions can be carried out both once and by subscription. The cost depends on the number of subscribers and the complexity of the task. The user can check the price after linking the account to the service.

Spam Guard allows you to control limits by restriction the percentage of actions per day. The barrier can be set as a percentage, and in numerical equivalent. There is also a free demo mode that allows you to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the service. In this mode, 30% of subscribers will be tested, and no more than a thousand people can be deleted.

After receiving the results, you will be able to confirm the cleaning manually and remove from the list the users who got by mistake. This can happen if you actively communicate with a resident of another country in his language or are familiar with a person who rarely visits a social network.

The cleaning process is also limited by the limits on the social network. When the cleaning is completed, a letter on the completion of the task will be sent to your E-mail address. If you have the subscription, cleaning can be performed automatically, for example daily and in volumes specified by users.


Temporary blocking on Instagram is due to a limit on the number of daily activities. Clearing the list of subscribers from unnecessary users, you will increase the level of trust from the social network and reduce the amount of spam on the page. Once you understand the simple work of Spam Guard, you will protect your account from "garbage" and unnecessary activity.

For those who doubt whether he needs to clean something, try a demo mode with the removing up to 1000 unwanted subscribers for free.