Psychological techniques to attract and persuade your audience

20 Dec 2018
Psychological techniques to attract and persuade your audience

If the market offers few goods, then the person will buy anything. Moreover, it doesn't matter whether he needs it or not. Remember how our grandmothers during the Great Depression bought tonnes of dishes with dull flowers on them?

When there are plenty of sellers in the industry, for every customer starts almost a real fight. As a result, the buyer becomes cautious. His money is not endless, but there are many products on the market. Moreover, the struggle for a person basically runs unnoticed.

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In order to attract new customers to your own products, you must turn on the imagination and come up with something fresh. For successful sales, it's very important to understand human psychology. Below you will learn about 8 little secrets, thanks to which it will be able to impact on buyer decision-making.

1. Avoid the selection paradox

Suppose you were offered some option. The choice is simple — buy it or refuse. When there are more options, the brain begins to work differently. A person thinks which product to buy. “Don't buy at all” is no longer considered. It serves any marketer.

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But you need to understand that offering too many options isn't necessary. A person gets tired when he constantly make a decision. Imagine you give him 10 different phones. Everyone has its own cool advantages. The client is dizzy, and in the end, he says your company “no”.

This is what is called the "paradox of choice." The author of this phenomenon, Barry Schwartz, shown in infographics how the effect works:

Verdict: too many options cannot be offered for people. It's best to give them 2-4. Then this will be enough for a buyer. You wouldn't spend precious hours explaining the benefits of each product.

2. The IKEA effect

People like things they have collected or made from nothing. Perhaps the Swedish giant achieved success precisely because of this.

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The more a person invests in the buying process, the more he appreciates the product. One of these options is to make an offer for setting up a product.

The effect of IKEA is effectively used by the Brompton company. Here is offered an online-tool, through which you can build a bike:

Of course, not every manufacturer will sell a product made for a specific customer. The company True and Co went the other way. They invite girls to test and then to pick up a bra for themselves.

Verdict: customers need to be involved in the purchase process to the maximum. Then they will like your products. As a result, people will come back to you again and again.

3. The strength of the majority

Statistics say: 63% of people buy more often when they come across product reviews or seller ratings. Don't forget about the masses impact.

Also, the “often bought together” technique proved to be excellent. In this case, the product on which the person is looking at the moment offers similar products. The buyer has such thoughts: “Others buy it too. It means that it would come in handy someday.” There is no need to give examples. You must have seen them many times. By the way, share in the comments the most interesting options!

4. I promised — I should

People love to assume different obligations in the heat of an argument or just on various emotions. As a result, a person engages in self-digging to justify his own inaction. Actions may be, but completely wrong and ill-conceived.

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The situation is so common that in one medical center it was decided to conduct a study. The management of the clinic asked people to make an appointment to specialists independently. Earlier the medical staff have been handling it. Visitors tried the new technique. The number of missed visits to doctors dropped by almost 20%. The study showed that when a person makes a decision and deliberately does something, he has a sense of responsibility.

Suppose you want to encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter. WP Standard, the store of elite leather bags, did just that: they indicated that there is a chance to win a $100 gift certificate for a subscription:

It's necessary to take into account another interesting point. When someone “gives the word”, this fact obliges him to fulfill the plans one way or another. However, public action works much better. The go-to electronics chain for consumers, RadioShack has done elementary: they added the "Share" button in different social networks:

After that, the person won't want to lose the face in front of his friends and followers and will try to buy goods quickly. It's all about the influence of a public decision.

5. Mutuality

Nobody wants to be an unpleasant and ignoble person. So it's accepted that good deeds are returned in kind. When a person is given something, he wants to make a response.

In Nha Trang (the city is located in central Vietnam) lives Madame Huong, who is the owner of the same hotel. It's small, but the woman wants to ensure that everything is always at the highest level. Therefore, she cooks even breakfasts for guests on her own and doesn't shift this task to cooks. The latter are delighted, as are the guests.

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For the first breakfast, the visitor doesn't even have to pay. But for others, it's necessary to spread a pretty penny. However, the person feels obligated. As a result, he is willing to pay even at inflated price tags.

Madame Huong is a subtle psychologist. She understands what you need to offer a guest at a certain point. Therefore, try to be guided further by its principles. Then you can sell your services and products in any case.

6. Almost gone, buy the latest

A person is very scared to spend all his savings. However, most of all he is afraid when he doesn't get anything at all. Immediately there is a panic thought: “How to be? Everyone will buy something, but this isn't enough for me!”. As a result, fear goes into the background, and a person runs to buy a thing for any amount. A simple example of life: is the queue in the USSR for any product. People took place almost from the night. Moreover, it doesn't matter that they might not need your product.

Sales are still well stimulated by a simple tab on the site, which sounds like: "Almost sold out." When adding information about how many units of production remain, you can be sure — everything will be swept away from the shelves very quickly.

But you shouldn't be too zealous. We recommend adding only what is really left a bit. After all, a person can easily feel the trick. When people experience similar emotions, they quickly lose faith in the company. Try to never allow this to happen.

7. Choose advertising models similar to your target audience.

Clients trust the company more when its “face” looks like their own. This is quite logical. Suppose you sell clothing for obese people. Then the model that advertises it, should be the same form.

Selling lawnmowers? Involve in advertising a simple guy who wants to make a tidy lawn. People also won't believe tanned macho. After all, a person tries to compare himself with him and then fails. After that, he thinks: “I don’t look like that ad guy. So the lawnmower won't suit my needs.”

8. People prefer the middle ground.

When you offer customers several products at different prices, people buy the middle ones. Usually, it's inexpensive. You don't need much to spend. In addition, the product is much better than a cheap option. A person doesn't want to use second-rate services.

For example, take the Dollar Shave Club company. The advertisement offers three razors. However, the choice is in the middle. The average price attracts users, and the marketers are well aware. It's necessary to sell the volumes of the “razor in the middle”.

Need to raise the sales? Then use the golden mean and take advantage of this rule.

We recommend conducting experiments using sales techniques. Each proposed method is better to try in turn. So you will realize what your target audience appreciates the most.

Psychological techniques are valuable because you don't need to spend anything on their implementation. We wish you successful sales and new customers!

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