Why partisipating in giveaways is useless?

16 Oct 2019
Why partisipating in giveaways is useless?

The meaning of giveaway is a draw, which is held in Instagram accounts for the audience. To receive a present, subscribers are invited to take part in certain actions:

  • to subscribe to a certain account;
  • to leave a comment;
  • to like a post;
  • to take a photo with the goods;
  • to attach a hashtag to a topic post.

The gives always have sponsors - individuals or companies that provide the presents. As a rule, such individuals are bloggers who want to promote themselves, or brands who want to attract customers. They contact media instagrams and offer them to organize a contest. The benefit for sponsors is obvious - they get new followers through promoted profiles and increase their activity.

Giveaway is held in the following way:

  • sponsor is looking for an account that matches his focus (for attracting the target audience);
  • the sponsor offers cooperation to the popular blogger and agrees on the drawing conditions;
  • the blogger informs his/her audience about the giveaway and describes the conditions for participants;
  • the blogger makes one or several publications (according to the conditions) for attracting more followers;
  • at the end of the event, results are summerized and the winners receive presents.

The prizes are various benefits:

  • technics;
  • travel packages;
  • certificates for sponsor products;
  • cash amounts etc.

The cost of gives

In addition to provided prize, the sponsor also pays for blogger services. The price of services is calculated by the quantity of potential followers. It's not a personal sponsor account, but a special profile that was created for Giveaway. The standart price for one subscriber varies from 0,7-1,2 rubles.

If the blogger claims that after holding the giveaway, about 20,000 people will subscribe to sponsor's profile, he/she will earn around 25,000 rubles. Prices fluctuate depending on the specific media person and the price list. Profiles that are at the peak of popularity put high price on such contests.

Giveaways have three significant drawbacks:

  • audience retention issues;
  • cheating by a blogger;
  • deterioration of reputation.

Inevitable unsubscribes

It's important to understand that during the competition, people subscribe to the sponsor's account in "selfish" interests. This action doesn't mean that at the end of the give the follower will remain. Moreover, the competition doesn't guarantee the signatory involvement - likes, comments, etc.

Giveaway is a springboard from which the sponsor builds. A springboard doesn't guarantee the growing number of audience. Mass unsubscribes are inevitable in several cases:

  • the sponsor made no effort and didn't interact with the audience actively;
  • new followers are not the target audiebce of the account.

As practice shows, ufter summerizing the results of competition, 50-60% of profiles are unsubscribed from the sponsor's account.

Unfair cooperation

Instagram accounts are interested in holding Giveaways at the expense of material gain. But not al the bloggers can show off their popularity. Therefore, some people win their followers in order to interest the gives creators in subsequebce. Some bloggers go for an extra trick - they hide their account so that the sponsor cannot see the statistics.

The further scenario of Giveaway can develop in several ways:

  • the sponsor pays for the potential followers who don't come (because the wound bots don't respond to contests);
  • the blogger fulfills his/her promise by winding the followers to the sponsor. As a result, the account increases the number of followers, but all the expence of bots are useless in promotion.

Hit on reputation

Very few gives do without scandal. There are subscribers who claim that the competition was unfair and that the people who conducted it were scammers. In fact, all these statements can be empty unproven words. However, the effect of mouth word also works in such cases. As a result, people have negative impression of the sponsor, even if it's undeserved.

Giveaway can be not only useless for the sponsor, but also lead to financial and reputational losses.

How to get rid of bots

If in the result of Giveaway the subscriptions are filled with bots, you need to clean th profile. In order to get rid of unwanted subscribers, you can use the services to protect your account from spam. One of such platform is SpamGuard. SpamGuard neural networks allow you to remove the following categories of subscriptions:

  • bots;
  • commercial accounts;
  • massfollowers;
  • unactive followers;
  • foreigners.

In order to start profile cleaning, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • registration and attachment of an account/accounts;
  • launching profile analysis (in test or full form);
  • viewing subscribers that SpamGuard has flagged as suspicious;
  • filters installation on the basis of which the cleaning process will be carried out.

The servise has a convenient menu in which the user determines how to filter the followers. SpamGuard is available on all types of devices - smartphones, tablets and computers. Trial profile cleaning is provided for free.