Why they don't like me on Instagram: 10 recipes for a delicious post

18 Sep 2018
Why they don't like me on Instagram: 10 recipes for a delicious post

Experts in the social networks analysis have long been interested in methods of pages promotion. After all, some posts are incredibly popular while others are unnecessarily forgotten and languish.

The reason for the low popularity of some posts hasn't yet been found. Nevertheless, SMM representatives know how to make the post tasty and attractive. And it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel for this.

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1. Personal space

By scrolling through personal pages, users aren't looking for news or weather forecasts. They are interested in a personal life of the account holder. And if demand exists, there will be a supply.

Those posts that show other persons information are given fewer likes. Love, drama, and intrigue — that's what beckons and attracts the reader.

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2. Out of the ordinary

The viewer looks for what to hook on by scrolling through the feed. His attention sniffing through the same type of photos but consciousness requires an unusual one. Ordinary posts are increasingly becoming an attractive pause in the endless drift around the feed.

Today's user is spoiled by information. He will like only the most original post. About photos devoid of ratings... Perhaps, they were just a backdrop for more vivid shots?

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3. Actual information

By scrolling through the feed, the reader simultaneously repeats in his head his daily problems. He rejoices when thoughts facing an accordant post. And likes it. It's simple: actual topics, event horizon monitoring and a huge amount of information.

It's important to guess the moment when a particular post will be relevant. The time of publication is also important. According to statistics, most likes are given to posts published at the end of the working day. Champions are stories published on Fridays and Saturdays.

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4. Brevity and Style

The post author is a cook in the world of information. He should not only prepare a dish but also to serve it nicely. It's unlikely that cafe visitors would be glad to grab food pieces on a table. So the reader expects a laconic and tasty presentation.

It's enough to add sauce of style, spices of humor and a few drops of citations to the post plate. Voilà! The masterpiece is ready.

SMM-specialists have been long exterminating tedious "sheets" of text from the space of the network. Today in favor is laconism and taste.

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5. A pablum

Appeals to like the post "out of respect" are now being bored. "Give a heart" is already so pampered that it remains unnoticed and even hated.

Experts advise not to make an Instagram post a begging. It's better to sign a photo creatively, without forgetting about the note of humor.

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6. Fitting

Meeting a wise statement, the reader necessarily tries it on himself. If the quote appeals to him, the author will not remain without a like.

It's important to find attractive and relevant phrases which the network has a dime of a dozen. Citations are like a bright wrap. They decorate the post candy. But wise statements "in your own words", on the contrary, are frightened off before unfamiliar people with inappropriate sincerity.

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7. Thoughts in unison

A good post is like a throat of expensive wine. You want to drink and enjoy it, and then to remember for a long time. If the post caused a rapture and a desire to agree with the author loudly, then you have a like in your pocket.

The most spectacular posts prove that the public is hungry for sensitive issues. Don't be afraid to touch the innermost. The result in the form of dozens of likes is worth it.

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8. The post trailer

It's not necessary to show all the information in one post. Remember about the cafe. You don't want to get a steak under a dessert layer, do you? So the information should be dosed like it does a skilled culinary expert.

Engage your audience with a bold headline and an unspoken photo. After a while, you can add a bit more info. Spread out all the cards at once. Then, personally, depreciate the information submitted.

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9. Ease

In a world where information flows like a river, it's important to become the dock you want to swim up to. A convenient text structure is that pier that will attract precious attention.

Lists will help you to show data easily. The user's view shouldn't wander around the text, as if by old ruins. It's more pleasant to walk around the well-cared park of short sentences.

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10. Illustration

People that underestimate this possibility, are doomed to content themselves with two likes: their own and aunt from New-York.

Today's photo is a filling in the information pie. It's a representation of the written and its materialization. In addition, an interesting picture will save even a mediocre text. So, let the boring newspaper sheets remain in the past. Make a childhood dream from your page — a book with pictures.

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