How Instagram views count

30 Apr 2020
How Instagram views count

If you ever looked at the statistics of your account, you might notice such parameters as “reach” and “impression”. What do they mean and what do they affect? Let's go in order.

What is reach

Reach is the number of unique views, that is, people who purely saw the publication. One reach is equal to one person, and no matter how many times that person has opened your profile.

You can also see the coverage for each entry separately, that is, find out how many users saw this post.

Reach is needed by everyone, both bloggers and business accounts. That coverage is considered the most significant indicator for any person leading Instagram. If with a hundred thousand subscribers your reach barely outweighs a thousand, this will be noticeable to any experienced advertiser or blogger.

What is an impression

Impressions are a less significant indicator, but it can also help draw certain conclusions for promotion. Impressions - The total number of views. That is, if a person returned and looked at the post a second time, then the show will count again.

New Instagram statistics in Insights - Marco de Groot - Medium

Stories views 

Viewing in the story is credited immediately after the user has opened it. Nevertheless, in the statistics of commercial accounts there is more detailed statistics of views - you can see how many users have not watched until the end, scrolled forward or completely stopped viewing stories.

Video views

Like on Facebook, on Instagram, views start counting from the third second, even in auto-playback format. And it is on Instagram - the video just turns on without sound.

How to raise reach and impressions

  1. You can be helped by mass-like, mass-looking and mass-following. So you will definitely raise the profile coverage and, possibly, the coverage of stories. But there will probably still be a problem with the posts - usually those who come from such promotions do not open more than one entry. Therefore, you need not only to strive to gain the attention of new people, but also to maintain the interest of people already signed up for you.
  2. Contests are a very good way not only to attract new people, but also to return the attention of those who have subscribed to you and forgot about it.
  3. More stories - more attention to you from subscribers, so you need to publish them as often as possible.
  4. Write posts that are preferably informative enough to stick to. The user is more likely to open the post if he knows that something is written there that can be quickly read for leisure.