How to write creative Instagram captions for your goods

28 Dec 2018
How to write creative Instagram captions for your goods

Any online store can't do anything without item description. Moreover, no one is interested in sad texts about obvious things. People want to read the bombing creativity, which immediately prompts to buy goods.

What to do when you sell pipes? How to describe them in an unusual manner, if nothing comes to mind? Below you will learn about 17 basic ways how to dilute boring Instagram captions with interesting things.

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1. Whose and what problem does the product solve?

Does the apartment have a small room with a standing L-shaped table? It will be a great alternative to traditional design.


Thousands of people are looking for knives with unusual locks. It's important that the knife could easily fold out. The Browning company offers such an ideal solution.

2. To what or whom it's suitable?

Every singer is a big fan of this microphone! TV-hosts like the fact that this instrument gives their voice incredible clarity and volume.

This practical small device was on the other end of the Earth but came back again. It has always been used by researchers, conservationists, and discoverers.

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3. The product composition or its history

The manufacturer has developed these awnings from ultra strong cotton. You will be protected even in heavy rain or wind.


30 years ago, we presented this double-layer insulated shirt to the whole world. Today, it quickly reminds its owner of free autumn days and the northern forest.

4. By what qualities the product has become better

In 2018, our engineers have changed the wind tunnel frame to Slice Aero. It weighs less than 50 grams.


Previously, it was incredibly expensive to print full-color albums in excellent quality. Especially when the order was less than 300 copies. Now everything is different. You can buy two dozen albums and save more.

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5. Popular culture references

Remember the tale about the turnip. If grandfather pulled out a huge pack of dumplings, he wouldn't need any helpers!

Your lucky number is 7, and this miracle happened right now! As soon as you get this collection of 7 snacks, then you immediately believe in luck.

6. Special occasions or seasonal uses

When it gets cold outside, your hands will immediately reach for these mittens.


The weather outside requires wearing shorts. But at a business meeting, no one will appreciate it. Therefore, your option is chinos.

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7. Why it's the best choice

Because of the unusual coating, our laminate will be without stains and scratches for many years.


Our backpack will help you out in time! It will be important when a battery charge on your phone goes to zero, and it's still very long and boring to drive. It's enough to connect the smartphone to USB charging, and you can enjoy favorite music as much as you like.

8. Sensory qualities

This powerful motor is surprisingly quiet. Its soft whisper can't wake up even a little kitten.

Pants look like wool. But in fact, they are sewn from cotton that is convenient for the body. They can be worn in any weather.

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9. Sudden combinations

Halloween is invading fashion shows: strip, polka dots, and plaid, which are well seasoned with glitter.

Elegance is fully combined with functionality, versatility, and durability. They are vital if you work in a modern office.

10. What emotions causes the product?

Our company's juice will remind you of your early childhood and sunny summer days.

Cannondale Urban company has combined practicality and fashion, style and convenience. One piece of wardrobe combines comfortable home wear and a modern urban look.

11. Partnership with brands

In order to offer each of our clients these comfortable and high-quality Sabo we have asked the main European masters.


Thanks to Smith Optics, we have created polarized sunglasses for athletes. Their cost will pleasantly surprise you.

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12. Use cases

Are you tired of a backpack? It doesn't matter, because it's easy to turn into a handbag, with which you can go out in the evening.

First, install the base Ambience model. Add the necessary elements with the growing.

13. Reasons to buy a few

It will help you out in different situations. Therefore, it's very important to keep at least one in your workplace and a couple in your apartment.

Do you struggle with what to present your friends and acquaintances on holidays? A gift certificate will relieve you of an extra headache. There is a choice for both women and men. An additional 5% discount can be obtained by purchasing 5 pieces.

14. How to use

Click on the button, then the night light will turn on. It looks wonderful!


You can lay this multifunctional blanket anywhere. And no matter where the adventure spirit will take you.

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15. Explain the title

Comfort Mocs — that name says it all. In order to be convinced of that, one need only to try on.

We didn’t just call our system Simplicity. It's simple to make advanced and very easy to install.

16. Recognize the disadvantages

4-copy Sound Pro can't expand. However, it's able to make copies by 33% more than any similar device.

Yes, it's not as practical as Professional Premium. But copes perfectly with its work. Suitable for several music genres and voice recording.

17. Why the cost is so low

These kits are produced in Argentina. Taking into account the local economy, the price is pretty good.


Friday massage costs approximately 15 dollars. On this day, you enjoy the service from students who are passing the last stage of their practice.

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Remember the boring characteristics

Before publishing your own brilliant description, it's important to prescribe the characteristics of your selling products. If not, then it will be very difficult for potential customers to make the right choice. What is the size of the product? How to properly care for it? Can it be used by small children? Does it bring danger to a child?

You need to attract by bright and positive texts and convince with strong facts. So you get access not only to the brain but also to the heart of a potential buyer. And this will be a 100% victory, the person will buy something from you or take advantage of the service offered.