What is the engagement rate and how to raise it

30 Apr 2020
What is the engagement rate and how to raise it

ER, or engagement rate, is the percentage of the audience involved in your content. Your ER depends on the number of subscribers, the number of likes and comments. The proportion is:

ER = (likes + comments) / subscribers * 100%

This is for one post. If you want to calculate ER for the whole account, then replace the likes and comments with the arithmetic average of the likes and comments of the last ten to fifteen entries.

From this formula, a simple conclusion can be made - the more likes and comments in relation to the number of subscribers, the better. It seems everything is simple and logical. It is not clear what to do with this information. There is no exact indicator of normal ER - for small accounts, 10-20% is considered normal, and for a millionth account, even 1% is a good result. If you do not have such an audience, then an indicator <10% will be undesirable. With such a coefficient, it already makes sense to do something.


How ER affects Instagram promotion

It is logical to assume that ER, derived by Instagram algorithms in a separate formula, affects the promotion within the site. If you have a low ER, then you are not recommended to potential subscribers, and your posts occupy far from leadership positions in the person’s feed. Instagram does not promote you because you are not interested. Because of this, the natural influx of subscribers, likes and comments is rapidly falling.

Unpleasant situation. If you have already encountered it, then you need to urgently do something.

How to increase ER

If you have a little activity against a very good number of subscribers, it makes sense to check your account for bots and spammers. If you already know that they are present - delete immediately, manually or automatically. Instagram algorithms do not stand still, and if earlier it was possible to rise to recommendations through cheating, now now such tactics, on the contrary, will “extinguish” you. But do not think that all problems will be resolved immediately after you delete all unwanted subscribers - this is only the first step.

Third-party services are unlikely to help you in this matter - you can’t attract an artificially existing audience in any way. One must act in a natural way. Competitions and gives, lighttime, mutual PRs will be useful for ER. Communicate more with your audience, add polls and quizzes to your story. For example, you can hold a contest for the best comment.

Many bloggers use a simple trick - they ask subscribers questions in their posts in order to provoke discussions and a large influx of comments. Thus, they use the desire of a person to tell about themselves in their own favor.