Why does not it make sense to run an advertising mailing on Instagram

23 Jul 2019
Why does not it make sense to run an advertising mailing on Instagram

Instagram has long been used not only as a place for people to communicate and share photos. It is also a convenient marketing platform, as well as a social network provides an opportunity to conduct commercial activities. As a result, the problem of spam inevitably arises, both for businessmen and potential customers.

Each social network, that is developing and being at the stage of increasing popularity, has problems with spamming and wrapping. Advertisers already want to work with a growing audience, but, on the other hand, try to save or reach a larger range of users. In practice, this leads to the flourishing of spam and a short battle between spammers and the administration, in which the social network usually wins.

A couple of years ago, the distribution of advertising messages were relevant. New Instagram users read most of them, and spammers' search algorithms were imperfect. In 2019, spammers face two situations:

  • The user has not read the message hanging in the request yet;
  • User read it and blocked the sender.

With a significant amount of blocking, spammers' accounts receive permanent bans, and it strongly increases the labor costs for mailing and increases the price of the service. The result of the mailing is rather negative because the company receives a significant deterioration in reputation at the cost of several clients.

How do publications in Instagram

Mailings in social networks exist to perform three types of tasks:

  • Bulk messages to all subscribed accounts that informing about the action or event. They are considered rather more aggressive advertising. They differ from spam in that fact this kind of mailing works on subscriber base that is already interested in something, and the risk of blocking is minimal;
  • Distribution to companies with a commercial offer. Reverse version of spam, where messages are sent to companies with offers to have a cooperation or work. Such mailings are not approved by Instagram, the risk of a ban during mailing is noticeably higher in case of non-observance of limits and intervals ;
  • Direct spam with sending users advertisements about your company or its activities. In 2019, it works at the level of postal spam. In fact, there is no result and even harms a little.

You can create distribution manually using Instagram tools and specialized programs and services. The second and third methods are non-free: the program should be bought, and you have to pay the service for each message sent to Direct.

Important! With manual mailing, the same message can be sent to a maximum of 15 users. This restriction has been introduced to protect against spamming.

Each of the methods is unreliable and has many drawbacks. Manual mailing often leads to blocking the main account, using programs requires significant computer literacy, services often offer the real fakes under the cover of beautiful schedules, sending messages to dead profiles.

Protection against Spam Subscribers

If you are on the other side of the barricades and someone else’s ads are out of interest to you, you can close the mailings and unwanted subscribers using the SpamGuard service. It will not only help to automatically block spam messages by keywords, but also solve the problem of clearing your account from inactive subscribers. Subscribing to SpamGuard will not only protect your page and account from spam, but also increase the level of trust on the part of the social network, saving you from temporary blocking.

Working with the SpamGuard service begins in four simple steps:

  • Connecting your account in the social network to the service;

  • Select cleaning mode. You can place a one-time / test order or immediately purchase a subscription for a convenient period;

  • After completing the analysis, you can remove unwanted subscribers;

  • To get rid of spam messages, specify the service behavior patterns.

SpamGuard can filter out incorrect messages by the following parameters:

  • The language of the message is different from the allowed ones;
  • There are matches in the message text and specified keywords (for example, ''order'', "buy" or "low prices");
  • Blocking messages from users with zero activity, most often such accounts are spam "bookmarks for the future";
  • A ban on mailing from commercial accounts cuts off more than three-quarters of all advertising messages.

A subscription allows you to activate all these settings, and you can use SpamGuard as a personal, impartial administrator of your account.


Spamming is the last century of working with the audience on the Internet. Large resources instantly recognize and block most number of advertising messages, while the rest only annoy users that are accustomed to targeted advertising.
If you are an advertiser, we strongly advise you to abandon these ineffective methods of promotion. We can offer using additional protection from the SpamGuard service for users and large companies. This service will completely clean your account of inactive subscribers and unnecessary messages.