10 Activities A Social Media Expert Should Do on Instagram

27 Jan 2020
10 Activities A Social Media Expert Should Do on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular engaging social media platforms currently in use and in the last year (2019), it had 1 billion users active monthly. The massive presence on this social media platform makes it the best medium to try and reach the audience you are targeting with your marketing campaign. 

Instagram really has the ability to leverage social media marketing campaigns and open them up to more people in an engaging manner. 

Leaving this social media platform out of the digital marketing campaign you’re implementing would be a big mistake. You need to be creating engaging content in 2020 and then post it on this platform. How can you fully use this platform? 

Here are ten activities that you should be doing on Instagram that social media experts are engaged in:

Using more of copywriting

Copywriting is an essential skill in any marketing strategy and a social media expert should know how to write good copy. It is essential because there is writing involved that will need to attract customers even on Instagram. 

Although this social media platform is mostly images and videos, there are sections that need to be filled out with written words. For example, you should fill the profile bio and also write captivating captions. 

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Focusing more on visual content

Instagram is mostly video and images, so the ability to generate attractive visual content is essential. You don’t have to be a graphic design expert to generate captivating visuals. If you have graphic designing software and willing to learn a new skill, there are a lot of beautiful visuals you can come up with. 

You can also take a short course on this or online classes to expand the skills you have as a social media expert. The visuals you use don’t even have to be graphic designs. Sometimes, if you have a smartphone with a great camera or a DSLR, you can use photographic pictures.

Don’t settle for many followers only

Growing the following of the business’ page is an interesting task and seeing likes on Instagram fills much hope to many social media experts. It shows that customers are engaged, but you shouldn’t be satisfied with that only. You need to direct the audience to the other part of your marketing funnel and perhaps that is the website of the business. 

To draw them to it, you can link the landing page to bio because the links on captions can’t be clicked. Alternatively, the link could lead to a popular blog post or a promotion that you are running.

Understanding the timing well

You don’t have to take care of the business’ Instagram page 24 hours of the day, but rather, getting the timing right is very important. Using insight tools to find out when the targeted audience is most active on Instagram will help you engage more people. 

Some of these tools also recommend the best times to post on Instagram and that dramatically cuts down the time of manually analyzing that data. Remember that posting when people are inactive will just bury your post under many other posts on their feed. On the other hand, when you post when they are active, it will be at the very top.

Scheduling Instagram posts

Sometimes, the time zones may be awkward and make it hard for you to post when the majority of the targeted audience is online, especially if it global. In that case, you can use the services of an Instagram post scheduling program that schedules to launch the posts at a later date or time. 

With the insight you get from the other tools previously mentioned, you will get the exact time to post the content you have created. You can also schedule the post to go live on various social media platforms at one time.

Use trending hashtags

Trending hashtags can be the best way to leverage the social media marketing efforts you are making on Instagram. By including them in the posts you make on this platform, you heighten the chances of getting more exposure. 

However, cramming up any hashtags that are irrelevant to the content you post will just make you appear like an amateur. Choose the hashtags carefully that are relevant to the content or the brand.

Include video content

Don’t neglect to generate video content for the Instagram profile you are running. Engaging video content will keep the audience following you interested in the posts that you make. You don’t have to hire a video recording crew and an editing team to post-produce the video. 

The task of generating video can be gotten away with using the most basic set up, which is a tripod, smartphone (or camera) and editing software. Make the videos informative and interesting or humorous to engage the crowd 

Using stories to boost your social media marketing

Instagram stories have become very popular now and apart from individuals that mostly use this feature, there are now businesses starting to adopt it. The feature is very interesting because they boost the chances of appearing in the explore section. 

That will gain you exposure and more followers because a lot of people who never knew of your page before will see it. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add a link directing customers to the desired web page relevant to the story that was posted.

Work on effective captions and subtitles

When posting a video on Instagram, it may be useful to include subtitles for the audience that mutes audio when watching them. A video without subtitles when muted won’t get the message through, so to cater to the audience that doesn’t prefer audio, you need to include them. 

The captions you use for pictures and videos are also very important because that’s when you can communicate with the audience using words mostly. Make them captivating but yet short and straight to the point.

Use Call-To-Actions effectively

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are very important in social media marketing and Instagram, especially because that’s when your audience can take action in supporting the brand. 

Whether it is on the captions you use or the bio, you need to make effective CTAs that direct customers to the website. The link you include in the story could be paired with a CTA relevant to the context of the post.

Final thoughts

Social media experts are tasked with the responsibility of gaining exposure for a brand and these tips will help you accomplish that. If you focus on generating captivating visuals and pair them with captions with effective CTAs, you can drive more traffic to the business’ site. You can also use stories to post the visuals you have generated and then include a link to the website if you have more than 10,000 followers.

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