How to find out and delete inactive followers?

19 Nov 2018
How to find out and delete inactive followers?

How to find out and delete inactive followers?

In this article, you will read about the damage caused by inactive followers in your profile, as well as how to find and remove them. We have provided 3 ways, but which one to choose is up to you.

Surely everyone who maintains a blog/business page on Instagram has had the experience that the coverage rates fell, and the activity of followers was reduced to zero. This is a bad result, which has a harmful impact on the quality of your profile and the number of sales/popularity in general. This should definitely be corrected, but how and why? Let's find out.

Not the number of followers but the activity of your Instagram account is in trend now

Why you should remove inactive Instagram followers

It was believed that a large number of followers indicate your success on Instagram. In a certain way, this is true because this social network is a valuable resource for media personalities whose advertising price depends directly on the number of readers. It's a different matter if you maintain a page to sell certain products or goods.

It looks a bit strange if you have a lot of followers and a few reviews, comments, and likes. This may alarm ordinary users, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. New Instagram algorithms beat the old situation and the interconnection has changed. Now everything looks different, and with a large number of inactive followers, the situation looks like this:

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Many followers => many inactive users => small coverage => content less often appears in the feed => performance is almost zero, and the previous profitability decreases by several times.

Consequently, inactive followers impede the development of your platform and devalue your work when you try to create content, design and even invest money in it. It's also required to increase the engagement ratio, which shows in percentage how many active followers you have. This parameter that is decisive because it depends on whether your publications will be at the TOP.

Undoubtedly, all efforts should be devoted to attracting your target audience, but before that, you need to clean up and remove the "ballast" in the form of dormant disinterested followers. But how?

Spamguard service cases.

How to remove inactive followers

Now, when you decide to conduct the big cleanup of your profile, there is a little trouble. The fact is that Instagram is a bit different than other platforms, and you’ll have to try to wipe the trash.

Block that account

Instead of deleting a follower, you can block him. This is the same as adding a person to the “blacklist” but has much more restrictions. What happens if you block a user?

  • He will be removed from your followers' list, and your account will not be in his following list.
  • The user who is blocked cannot even find you.
  • If due to a bug or a problem, the account is found, no posts will be displayed in it. At all.
  • Blocking can be applied to messages in Direct.
  • All comments and likes under the photos from the blocked user will disappear.

But for mass removal, this method isn't suitable since to delete only 100 Instagrammers you will have to waste a day. Just do the following:

  • Open your page in the app and tap the list with users that follow you.
  • Pick the one you wish to block and go to his profile.
  • Find the button in the form of three vertically positioned dots (top right).
  • In the proposed list will be the "Block this user" option. Click on it.
  • It's much easier to block a certain user when you do this in the app on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions: SpamGuard

Close your account

If you care about protecting your data, you can close all the information from prying eyes. This also applies when you delete a follower. For this:

  • Log in to your profile and open the settings tab.
  • Find the "Private Account" section.

  • Drag the switch to the right. When the function is turned on, the gray color will change to blue.
  • Now open the list of followers and find the one who will be blocked.
  • In front of each user will be three vertically spaced dots. Click on them.
  • Confirm the deletion.

The method is convenient because it's unlikely that anyone will notice the removal, but still, it's time-consuming.

The easiest way

Remember the insidious algebra lessons in school, when each of us learned to solve a system of equations? At first, we learned about how to crack the equation according to the standard. When everyone was exhausted, the kind teacher was telling us about the simplest method.

This doesn't mean that we want to inconvenience you. The first two methods have been described for comparison with the Spamguard service, which will facilitate your account cleaning and save a lot of time. Smart people have long ago learned that it’s best to delegate unpleasant activities since time is a more valuable resource than money.

The service will help you:

  • Configure lists (white and black) so that you can sort your followers and not accidentally delete the important ones.
  • Block foreigners who cause harm to your coverage.
  • Do everything quickly and almost without your participation.

In order to try the Spamguard service, you should:

Publish a warning post that you will clean up your profile. Those who are interested will like it, and they will not be counted as inactive by the service (those who didn't like you or gave a comment are considered inactive).

Go to the official Spamguard website and find the "Sign up" button.

The procedure is very easy and fast, and you can start cleaning. The first time it's free.

Run the analysis.

At the “Configure” stage you will receive a list of inactive followers. You will have the ability to customize it.

After we press "Clearing".

In the “Protect” section, the result is fixed, and you set additional filters so that in the future you will not have to deal with mass removal.

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After a few days, you will notice the result. In the end, you will have followers who really like and watch your content, and this is the success! After that, you can begin to increase your target audience.