Instagram as the key to success: how to become a popular blogger

04 Jun 2019
Instagram as the key to success: how to become a popular blogger

Anyone can create an account on Instagram. But not every blog will become popular and be able to generate income.

Becoming a blogger is easy!

The most important thing is interest of your subscribers. This is the absolute key point. The audience loves extraordinary personalities. Before you create an account on any social network, you need to think about content you will post. Photos "I went for a walk" or "here is my cute hamster" will not do the work. There are plenty of such accounts. You'll have to find an angle or to your life so it would be interesting to follow you on social media. Try to think about your hobbies, skills or knowledge – anything that can be of interest to other people.

Why do you need to do it? Instagram offers many possibilities:

  • profit through advertising;
  • promotion of your own business through your advertising;
  • online popularity which can be turned into profits.

A person interested in promoting of their page is constantly learning, mastering new skills: photo and video shooting with special effects, development of new ideas and the creation of social media content. Besides, you can find valuable contacts and attract customers for your business.

But there are pitfalls. Instagram popularity doesn't come easily. You have to spend a lot of time and efforts to gain subscribers. Your page will become a source of income only when it has gained enough subscribers. Usually, there should be more than a thousand of them. Being a popular blogger is hard work. Every day you have to be online and post content which will be interesting to your audience.

How to make Instagram account a business project?

As any businessman carefully thinks out a business plan, a novice blogger should have a clear understanding of the future development of his page. You will need a lot of patience and persistence. You must work, even if the results loom somewhere in the distant future.

Choose your ultimate goal. You can sell products or you can offer trainings. How will you package your work? It can be an online store or educational course on an online platform. For starters you can offer tips to your subscribers. Accounts of pets become more and more popular. Your cute pet has a potential to become an Instagram celebrity, if you play your cards right. Think about posting funny videos or beautiful photos of your cat or dog – such an Instagram page can become a source of revenue.

Profitable Instagram account can include one or more of following components:

  • advertising;
  • store;
  • online consultations;
  • courses.

The key thing is to identify the needs of your audience and to become a professional in what you sell or teach.

Stages of establishing presence in Instagram

Stage One: What is a blog about?

Be clear on the topic. Variability doesn’t help to find your audience. Not every idea is good either, choose the topic you know and love.

Important! A blog is not just a page, it is your life and your work, you have to invest all your energy and soul in it. It is, of course, if you want to become popular.

Maybe you have the knowledge that you want to share with others? Or maybe you own something that is almost never met in another person? Show it to the world!

There is no to turn a blog into a tedious description of goods, services, or even of your life. Learn to write interesting and informative content.

Where can you find inspiration? If imagination fails, then you can look for ideas on other accounts and add something of your own. But it is better to dive into your chosen topic and read about it on the Internet.

Stage two: blog design

People love with their the eyes. This is an indisputable fact. And that is why content should be bright, attracting attention. What you should do:

  • choose a good profile photo. It is better when it captures the essence of your blog;
  • profile description should not merge into solid text. Highlight the main idea in color or font, create a memorable login;
  • take quality photos and videos. There are many applications for this: Boomerang, Lomotif, LIKE and so on.
  • In addition to these programs, your photos will can be vastly improved by such applications, as Lightroom, InstaBeauty.

A couple of blog promotion secrets:

  1. Do not post similar photos one after the other;
  2. Ask your online friends to subscribe to your account;
  3. You can ask a popular blogger to repost your post on Instagram for a small fee (the promoted post should be informative and should represent your blog);
  4. Do live streams more often. They will increase the number of your subscribers.
  5. Make giveaways for your subscribers regularly.

Remember that without advertising it will be hard to make your popular. Therefore, be prepared to invest some money into promotion of your blog.

And most importantly: be patient, have bold dreams, and everything will work out!