How to check instagram account for bots

21 Jan 2019
How to check instagram account for bots

Now you can get a bot-audience on Instagram very easy and quickly. Newbies often use this method wanting to gain a lot of followers. But then cheating will result in quite serious problems that the profile owner will have to solve. So what danger can bring you bots and how to clean them quickly?

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Who are bots and what harm they can make

Bots are profiles that are created not by ordinary people for the full use of the system but by specialists who provide cheating services. Bots don't have unique photos, followers, and their profiles are almost never maintained. But the most significant thing is that fakes will never follow your posts, like them or show any other activity. If you have too many of them there will be such consequences:

  1. Rapid loss of followers. The limit on Instagram is 7,500 accounts. As soon as the bot reaches this result, he will begin to unfollow all accounts. Also, the system tries to track and delete bots. It conducts regular cleansing, after which several thousands of bots disappear. All this will cause a waste of followers to you. Negative growth dynamics of your audience can scare away advertisers.
  2. It will be more difficult for Instagram algorithms to promote your account. The system undoubtedly analyzes each profile and then recommends its content to those who are actively interested in it. Bots prevent algorithm to work fully which means that you are losing real and active followers who could follow you.

  1. If your profile has bots then it's very difficult to see an objective picture of user activity. In order to competently promote an account or sell advertising with its help, it's important to know how many active users you have in reality who are interested in your content.
  2. The presence of a large number of bots indicates poor-quality methods of promotion, and therefore, you wasted money. Be sure to examine your audience and don't allow an inactive one to dominate your account. Cleaning is great at this.

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How to distinguish bots and exclude them

Independent bots search and account clearing can be delayed for many months, particularly if you have many followers. It's precisely for this reason this process needs automation. You can use Spam Guard service which can do most of the work for you.

The central feature of the platform is to find and block users whose profiles fit a specific bot pattern that the experts have compiled. Spam Guard can perform the following tasks:

  1. Clean your profile from bots. We have already found out that bots are a serious threat to Instagram profile, so they should be removed.
  2. Clean profile from an inactive audience. Dormant followers also harm your account in many ways, since they don't evaluate your displayed content, which is why it's then worse ranked in the feed. All this reduces posts coverage and views. Cleaning a profile from inactive followers is optional, but it can help increase your profile activity.
  3. Clean your Instagram page from commercial accounts. Stores, cafes, workshops pages follow you only in order to be followed back. They won't monitor your posts and evaluate them. Therefore, blocking such accounts is the right decision.
  4. Clean your profile from those who haven't followed you back. This is true for regular users. Sometimes there are too many subscriptions, so in order to get the interesting feed, you can unfollow those who haven't followed you in response.

Bot removal process

You need to go to the Spam Guard website and decide the needed type of the plan. You simply have to choose whether its paid or free option.

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It's completely free. It allows you to analyze only 30% of the audience and delete no more than 1000 accounts. This is a great option to try the program functionality.

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Paid version. The price for the paid version is calculated individually based on an Instagram profile that needs to be cleaned. It has no limits and will help you to get rid of all unwanted profiles.

Now when chosen the software option, you can proceed to the cleaning itself.

Firstly, add to the system an account that needs to be cleared of bots. In the followers' section, the system will highlight the bots that it's going to delete. At this step, you can view any of these profiles, find out if it's a bot. If you see that the system has falsely added a profile to this list just include it to the white list by yourself, and such an account will not be deleted.

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Now in the selection section, you need to set the corresponding sliders and start the process. Next, the program will independently clear your account of bots by blocking pages that are undesirable.

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After this process, your profile will have only lively and active followers, who like your posts, comment on them. It's important not to use cheating after cleaning, as this will negate the entire result. It will be much better and more profitable to use the quality method of promotion. For example, start buying ads or set up mass-following.

Additional features and benefits of the Spam Guard service

SpamGuard has several advantages that will greatly ease the lives of its users. This program has such advantages:

  1. Requires minimal user participation. Spam Guard blocks bots in automatic mode. You only need to set the cleaning parameters and run the process.
  2. You can add multiple accounts. If you are maintaining several profiles at once and want to clear all of them from bots, this is not a problem. Spam Guard allows you to do this.
  3. Whitelists. When cleaning a profile, it's important not to block the accounts of friends, colleagues or other important people. The service has implemented whitelists to which you can add the necessary accounts before the cleaning.
  4. Work in the cloud. The deleting process can be not only without your participation but even without the participation of your computer. All work will be done in the cloud. That's why you don't need your computer to be turned on. Spam Guard will not stop its work.
  5. Reports. In order to know exactly how effective the service is, Spam Guard added the feature that periodically sends reports. You will receive in your mail a report on the work done by the program.

Instagram bots are a pretty serious problem that nowadays can easily be dealt with using special software.

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