How do you report an Instagram user?

30 Sep 2022
How do you report an Instagram user?

Unfortunately, not everyone on the Internet behaves appropriately. Some people may violate the platform rules, causing discomfort to other users. If you think the account user is acting suspiciously, you can block it yourself. Maybe even permanently.

Main reasons to report someone on Instagram

There are quite a few reasons, but in most cases, they are all obvious. Some reasons for blocking are inappropriate content, personal and confidential information about other users, fraud, spam, stealing intellectual property or plagiarism, and hacking someone else's profile.

It is also possible to block a user under the age of 13, as the platform rules forbid the registration of people under that age.

There are many more reasons to report a user. You should refer to the platform's rules if you suspect someone of inappropriate activity. There you will find a list of all acceptable and unacceptable actions and the penalties that the social network can apply to violators.

But don't celebrate your actions too soon. To report and block an Instagram user, you actually need really good reasons. And each option is complicated, so each case if reviewed manually by tech support.

One report is not enough for permanent Instagram ban

It all depends on the report itself. But usually, users are not blocked permanently after the first violation. If you want to ensure that your report will work 100%, ask someone who cares to help you block the user. But use this method only if the guilt is proven, as tech support will not block someone without a good reason.

What is the proper way to report someone?

To send a report about a photo or other media, click the button with three dots in the top right corner. There you will see a "report" button. Click it and choose the correct reason, which you suspect this user being involved in. After this, your request will be sent to technical support.

How do you report an Instagram user?

If you notice someone using another person's intellectual property, things are more complicated. According to Instagram rules, you must be the author of that intellectual property to report a user for plagiarism. If someone uses your photos, art, etc., without permission, you need to contact tech support, and they will ask you to verify your claims somehow. It will be easier to get a fair result if you provide a post with a photo or other piece of intellectual property that was published before the plagiarist's post.

To delete or restore a hacked account, you must contact tech support. In the account login window, click "Get help signing in" and enter your username, password, and email address. You should mention that the login information doesn't work and send a request to restore your account.