How to create engaging content for the winter of 2020

14 Nov 2019
How to create engaging content for the winter of 2020

Increasing of the amount of content on Instagram is the reason that the users are very selective about what to pay attention to. In the social network itself, a decrease in audience reach is being actively introduced. So that your account doesn't stay aside, pay attention to the trends of 2020, which should be used from the coming winter.

Show the followers live content

The popularity of Stories grows exponentially. So why to go upstream? Use the change of focus of users to your advantage and communicate with them in video format. Imperfect Stories without bunch of filters will get more favour from your followers. Especially if they refused to view the main tape with photos in favor of videos.

Live streaming

Live broadcasts make wonders. Instagram users are tired of guessing of how their idol looks like in real life, as photos are perfect at the first glance. If your content is not 90% filters and photoshop, feel free to go ahead! The more you interact with the audience live, the more loyal people will be to you.

Values and ideas are better than standart product benefits

To advetisers: Just sharing the benefits of the product is no longer relevant. It's better to play on the attitude to life and ideas for the actions of your followers. Use the opportunity to show how your product helps in solving users' global problems , such as good appearance, clean house, attention to loved ones and time for oneself.

Give followers and novice bloggers a chance to create content to your advantage

Trying to promote your Instagram business with proven methods and don’t see the result? This is natural, because native advertising is losing ground. Users no longer want to figure out where they see ads, and where is the real review they can trust. Therefore, either let them understand directly that this is the sale of your product, or use the help of microbloggers.

A small number of subscribers most often means that the blogger has a lively interested audience. Especially if they receive narrow profile information from an expert. Advertising with a microblogger with no more than hundreds of thousands of subscribers will cost you less and will attract more attention from his audience.

You can encourage a client to write a review and distribute information about you among his subscribers using a product discount or a competent referral program. Don't forget about the brand hashtag so that your customers can always find you.

Get rid of bots and get more active blog promotion

Mass followers subscribe to your account for the purpose of earning. Especially if you have previously used the blog promotion tools on Instagram. The more inactive audience you have, the less your posts are promoted in a smart social network feed.

You can define bots on your account by the following parasmeters:

  • there's no avatar on the profile page;
  • the number of subscriptions is incommensurably higher than the number of subscriptions;
  • unlike users who create a profile just for viewing content, bots increase the mass of followers to popular accounts, wind likes and comments.

Bloggers interested in active promotion remove commercial and inactive accounts from subscriptions. Many of them continue to do this manually. But how to save time and conduct at least a high-quality cleaning of your account from bots and mass followers? Use special software that helps to filter out subscriptions in a couple of minutes in a few clicks.

Spam Guard is a smart cloud service that will continue working and monitor the cleanliness of your account even when browser is closed. The developers have provided it with a number of useful features for your account:

  • the ability to create whitelists for users you definitely don’t want to lose;

  • adding multiple accounts for verification;

  • integration on all devices.

Using SpamGuard you can clean your profile not only from mass followers, but also from commercial accounts, users without mutual subscription. It is possible to delete inactive subscribers, which reduce the activity of distributing your content.