How to Avoid Spam on Instagram?

31 Oct 2017
How to Avoid Spam on Instagram?

Instagram spam accounts are an annoying phenomenon that have only increased with the passage of time. These accounts can send messages, add you, and even comment on your pictures. The problem with spam accounts (aside from just being annoying) is that they always have a catch. They comment to try and get you to follow a link (possibly selling something). They may also try to use your established follower base to try to bolster their own followers or a third party’s followers. This is just the tip of the iceberg; some Instagram spam accounts will direct you to links that expose your device to damaging software or they may harass you incessantly. Thankfully, there are some solutions to help combat the constant outpouring of spam that we have listed below.

  • Don’t Click Anything That Sounds Weird

If it seems like it’s weird, then it probably is. The same goes for if it sounds too good to be true. Free followers, free cruise tickets, free money, etc. are all examples of “weird” propositions. We can’t forget the Instagram spam accounts that pose as attractive men and women, and try to hit on you (usually in terrible English) and only have one profile picture. They’re not real, and if they are, they need to get on with the times. The most important aspect of this is to trust your gut when it comes to these things. You don’t want to accidentally give your bank account information to stranger thousands of miles away because you were lonely.

  • Don’t Add Random People

Random individuals who you do not know may try to add you and at first that may seem flattering. More followers equal more likes, right? Well, that may be a possibility but the more likely scenario is that you’re making yourself more vulnerable to possible spam attacks. Several spammers market their spam pages to look appealing to people. Now, if someone tries to add you and they look cool (and credible) then don’t feel as though you can’t add them; just be careful and aware of anyone you don’t know personally.

  • Don’t Follow Everyone

It may be tempting to follow a bunch of people who have similar interests to you in hopes that they might follow you back. Sure, it can be effective at times (and everyone does it) but you are doing two things: 1) You are possibly adding spammers themselves and 2) You are a borderline spammer as well. If you’re trying to add followers by using the friendly “follow for a follow” method, just be careful and don’t do it indiscriminately.

Finally, these are just a few ways to help avoid and protect yourself from Instagram spam accounts. Keep posting and following with plenty of likes and follows but hopefully with less spam. Just be conscious of what you’re doing and who you’re talking to and you should be able to happily post on Instagram without more spam than you can handle.