Spam Guard - is the first smart cleaner for Instagram. The service wipes Instagram spam accounts out from among your followers and people you follow. You know how to easily stop spam in your profile now. Wipe ghosts, remove businesses, and not common and inactive users in a few clicks. Spam Guard is also the first unique anti-spam best hacker monitor that takes care of your account and blocks spam and unwanted activity from spam accounts and ghosts.

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Our Advantages

Cloud service

You don’t need to install any actual apps. Spam Guard works even if you close your browser.

Fast Cleaner
Fast Cleaner

Spam Guard will clean your Instagram in a few clicks.

Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts

You may add 2, 3, 4 or even more Instagram accounts to your profile.


Use Spam Guard on your laptop, smartphone or any other device.

White list & Quick select
White list & Quick select

Add your friends’ accounts to the white list and Spam Guard will never block them.


Spam Guard shows deleted accounts in daily reports.


You can check your Instagram account for free for availability:
  • ghosts
  • commercial profiles
  • foreigners
  • inactive audience
  • non-mutual users
Full access
You can completely clean and protect your account from all
types of spam on Instagram:
  • Multiple analysis and cleaning of Instagram account from ghosts and spam
  • Fully protect your account from bots, commercial accounts, foreigners and any unwanted activity for up to 12 months
  • The price depends on the number of bots among your audience.
  • Enter your account and get know your price

Enter your account and get know your price

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Are you tired of seeing ads in your account?

We know how to clean your Instagram from stores, public places and annoying salesmen. The smart algorithm cleans not only business accounts but also regular accounts that are created for selling products and services. Business account followers don’t check the newsfeed, and it means they won’t see your posts and won’t buy your products and services. You can easily delete them with the help of Spam Guard.

Spam Guard knows how to delete thousands of followers on Instagram with one click of the mouse. The service will free up your account from users who didn’t follow you back as well. Keep only important profiles in your newsfeed, and share your posts only with those who really like them.