How to customize Instagram explore

28 Sep 2020
How to customize Instagram explore

How often does content appear in your feed that does not interest you from the word at all? If you are faced with this problem, then it's time to rethink your Instagram sitting habits.

Why uninteresting content appears in explore

Where does all this informational garbage come from?

Instagram is a smart modern social network. It takes into account both your likes and bookmarks and your search history. If you often have to search for something that you are not interested in, then do not be surprised later by completely insipid recommendations. It would seem that it couldn't be easier.

But this situation has its own nuances - for example, some profiles are promoted better than others thanks to the knowledge of algorithms and the ability to manipulate them correctly. And some are promoted. There is nothing you can do about it.

How to deal with it

It's not for nothing that people get themselves two accounts - personal and business. If you don't want to clutter up your profile with all the “work” content, then it's time to find a free number for a separate business account. This way the feed will adapt itself to future requests.

However, if you are bored with a profile, there is a mute button on Instagram. It allows you to exclude this account from the feed, and it will no longer appear.


The most extreme method is to block the annoying profile that your eyes cannot tolerate.

How to find content that interests you

When you get rid of unnecessary searches and likes, then viewing recommendations will become much more useful. The explore button is often ignored by Instagram users, and it’s a great waste, because sometimes the algorithms hit the bull's eye.

The advice is simple: start looking purposefully. Even if you come across something that looks like your desires, but not quite what you need, still like it. So the auto-selection will understand which way to move. But you don't need to like everything either, it's confusing. Pick a few interesting topics and rate recent posts that mention them. Sooner or later, the desired post will appear in the feed itself.

Perhaps this is all the advice that can be given. Sit on Instagram correctly, and then everything will be in your hands.