Instaspam and why it can be terrible for your account

12 Jun 2017
Instaspam and why it can be terrible for your account

Instagram has taken over majority social media platforms to be leading and being popularly used worldwide. Its pictures first strategy has worked enormously and brought a range of bloggers, photographers and business on the focus. A picture can express a thousand words, is aptly used by Instagram. With celebrities, brands and popular business on its platform, it has remarked a tremendous growth in the social media marketing area. Boosting sales, building a brand, influencing and converting sales is strategically used and has helped new brands to do effective marketing and at affordable rates.


With the huge growth marked, comes with itself a set of negatives like spammers and fake accounts that can leave inbox messages, click bait comments and overall ruin the experience of Instagram. Ghost followers, fake profiles and inactive accounts have been a big issue with Instagram. A flood of followers with fake accounts, minimum posts etc on your account which do not help sales are a strong problem with the whole social media experience. A common way of detecting the same is the rise and fall of followers, where gaining 2 followers a single day and falling back 4 followers is common. There will be plenty of followers leaving comments like “get X amount of followers for $Y” or “follow for more followers” etc. This just boosts the profile followers but doesn’t help sales conversion or building a brand.

How to keep spam at bay?

Spam needs to be kept at bay by unfollowing suspicious accounts, blocking or reporting spam, deleting comments made by such profiles. Avoid using generic hash tags like fashion, love, health etc as it is the easiest way to attract spammers to your account. Cleanse your profile every week, or month to keep a check and avoid piling of ghost or inactive followers. Installing an application on your smart phone or device can help identify and remove or report such spammers allowing you to cleanse your account thoroughly. Instagram followers have become a rat race, in which the more followers an account has the more it is popular. Instead of cheap follower tactics, producing content to attract genuine followers or target audience is more beneficial. Avoid clicking on links given in those comments, and delete them when noticed.

Instagram cleanser

Instagram cleanser tool or apps are great for fast cleansing and saving valuable time of individuals and businesses. It identifies and flags spam accounts, ghost followers and inactive users or users who don’t follow back. After identification you can white list the genuine accounts and followers, and report or block the rest. Doing this every week or month depending on your follower base is essential. Having followers who are fake or ghost is of no use especially for business as they don’t convert into sales, are always dormant and have no use. As unfollowing or blocking every account becomes difficult, it is important to have an application which unfollows multiple accounts and does the analysis on its own, is easy to use and responsive and genuine. It is always advised to have a free trial as it helps understand the app better before investing.