Not the number of followers but the activity of your Instagram account is in trend now

13 Nov 2018
Not the number of followers but the activity of your Instagram account is in trend now

Quantity or quality, that is the question.

If you are still sure that the main thing is the number of followers and are confused because of the low coverage, you should read this article. We will tell you what is more important, quantity or quality, and help you increase activity.

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5 years ago, those who were faced with Instagram account promotion, were at a crossroads. What to do? Slowly but surely increase the “own” audience or take by amount? It's difficult to say that either of the two options was bad, because at that time the number of followers was considered an indicator, and dubious individuals suggested to cheat followers for a token fee.

Now everything has changed. The number, though important, is no longer in the first place, as time changes, and Instagram algorithms as well. Now, if you are a happy owner of a large number of followers, you cannot automatically qualify for good coverage and other indicators, since with many active readers you may have few.

For example, you are followed by 100,000 people. If everything is OK, then under each photo you will have from 10,000 to 25,000 likes, if more – then it's even better. From this data is derived the percentage of what part of your followers is your target audience.

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This becomes especially relevant if you want to advertise goods on your blog, but the maximum that is offered to you is barter (for example, you are writing an advertising post about a winter jacket that you were sent for review). But there is little point in goods when your account can be monetized.

For different cases and accounts, the price is different, but the point is clear – with a high level of activity (and even if you haven't many followers) advertisers will notice you more often.

Instagram activity is when the audience is interested in your content and products. The more active users you have, the greater the chances of accomplishing all the tasks.

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This is considered to be your god, who needs to pray and fast, and sometimes you need to practice abstinence because with the new smart feed on Instagram it's rarely possible to make accurate predictions.

You can increase the activity in different ways, for example:

  1. Pay attention to what you post. Photos with faces and bright colors usually gain more likes. Hide incomprehensible and cumbersome posts far away – there is nothing “trash” to put on display. The photo should be aesthetic, and the text should be simple (humor is just a plus).
  2. Not only by the number. It has long been defined time intervals when posts are gaining more likes and comments. All you need to do is analyze and publish photos at the right time.
  3. Communicate with your audience. People need to see that you are not a robot. You can place a meme on your product since it's self-irony that attracts more people. However, this option is not suitable for everyone because jokes from the expensive fashion store will be inappropriate.
  4. Hashtags. Just a correction for those who are used to type more hashtags into the column than the size of the photo: use thematic ones. If this is a shoe store in London, then #shoelondon. If this is a topic of your blog, then such a hashtag, by which you can find all the posts from this topic.
  5. Interactive content. Contests, polls, gifts, etc. will attract more audience. This is a big advantage.
  6. Stories. We can write a separate article about this point and its effectiveness, as this is a special content. The Stories niche isn't yet used at full capacity. But in vain! Such content is really popular, it has a separate feed and you definitely won't be left without attention. An interesting lifehack: you can write an intriguing headline in your story so that users want to see your profile. Profit!

But before you can start from scratch, you need to make your audience... more receptive, or something. The bottom line is that if you used the cheat earlier or just followed everyone in a row, while not thinking about giving back, you should unfollow, and only active users will remain in your profile.

Spamguard is an assistant for effective cleaning

This service is an excellent tool for removing inactive readers. Thanks to its help, you will be able to delete business profiles, dormant followers, bots. So your real audience will generate more comments and likes. For blogging, this is also a plus because the price for posting in your account will increase.

Ways to communicate with users: tips to building follower relationships and making interactive Instagram content

But how to use it?


In the upper right corner, you will find a menu where you can read about the opportunities, rates, affiliate program. On the very last line, you will find a registration link.

You are required to enter your email address and password.

Now, confirm your registration by opening the automatically generated email and click the link.

Done! We can finally get started.

If you are a beginner, try out the test version to be sure of its effectiveness.

After that, enter your login in a special form. Based on the analysis (the number of followers and subscriptions), the total cost will be calculated for you personally.

If you are afraid to remove important people, add them to the whitelist beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Instagram updates that you need to try for your account

That's all. The cleaning process will take no more than 15 minutes, and the results will delight you more than one year. And yes, with a “general” cleaning you will get rid of all unnecessary things. Don't forget to take preventive measures from time to time.