5 signs an Instagram store can't be trusted

31 Jul 2020
5 signs an Instagram store can't be trusted

This article will help you save money and, most importantly, your nerves. A distinctive feature of the twenty-first century is the ability to make purchases on the Internet without contacting the seller directly and without wasting your time on a trip to the store. However, scammers enjoy such a pleasant advantage. You can find reviews about fraudulent stores in the open spaces of the Internet very often, deceived their clients to a round sum. You may also receive a completely defective product or even broken. It is possible to get your money back either with great difficulty, and in many cases it turns out to be completely impossible.

Five signs that scammers are hiding behind an online store on Instagram

1. No feedback.

If there are no live reviews from real people under the posts, then this is a reason to be wary. Also, if it seems to you that all the reviews look very monotonous and mean, then there is a high probability that these are bots. Very often, the owner of the page "cleans up" objectionable comments about his dishonesty so that it does not interfere with the store's image. The seller easily bans former customers so that they cannot leave their stories under the posts about how they were deceived.

2. The seller answers exclusively in direct.

Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, but this is another wake-up call that should make you check further points. When buying in online stores, you should be worried about even the little things.

3. Too low prices or "personal" discounts of unimaginable sizes.

Despite the fact that the seller saves a lot on renting premises or a warehouse, because there is no need for it, you need to soberly assess the offer and compare such parameters as price and quality. Thus, dishonest people try to lure the buyer. This greatly reduces vigilance, because the seller plays on the feeling of "lost profit / opportunity to save money."

4. Promises on the verge of fantasy.

You need to be very vigilant to separate real sentences from simple attempts to mislead you again. The seller is trying to put you to sleep with beautiful words. If you are offered truffles in chocolate for 7 dollars, then this is a reason to think. Pay attention to the fact that no one will work at a loss and sell the product below market price.

5. The store representative tries to restrain you at any cost.

For them, every potential buyer is important, so absolutely all methods are used, starting with individual offers and ending with the words that you will not find such a "profitable" offer.

In order to protect yourself from a bad outcome, you can check reviews not on the brand page, but simply in a search engine or on sites like Irecommend, as well as communicate with customers directly, learning from them how their shopping experience in this store went. Currently, there are sites that are ready to offer you all the information on the store on Instagram. When you make a purchase from a private person, then ask to send the goods by cash on delivery. If the seller begins to look for a reason not to resort to this method, referring, for example, to the fact that he cannot wait for funds for a long time, then you can safely look for another online store. If you nevertheless decide to take a risk, pay attention to the profile: are there phones, addresses, any details. Fraudsters are attracted to the Instagram trade by the fact that there is no control from the state, which means that the transaction rests only on the conscience of the client and the store itself.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers everywhere, but this is not a reason not to trust online stores at all. The easiest way is to shop at popular online stores with a lot of reviews and a good reputation. Of course, on little-known pages, prices may be lower due to the lack of markups for the brand, but when the difference is too great, it is better to check the reviews again. If you look at the situation critically and carefully check the reviews, then you will definitely be able to save your wallet. Be careful, and then no one can deceive you.