Best time for posting

30 Apr 2020
Best time for posting

The question about the time of publication arises quite often. And really - everyone wants to get into the feed so that all subscribers see for sure. Four hours after uploading content, there is a peak increase in views, likes and comments, and how to calculate the very golden point, the most productive four hours that will bring a lot of likes and views? 


The best time to publish posts is determined from your target audience. If you are more focused on the audience of school age, it is better to publish news after 17:00 and until 23:00; if they are students, then things are easier - publications can be seen at almost any time, even in the late evening or at night, as people of this age very often hang out on social networks. For working people, the best time is 7-8 in the morning and evening after 18:00.

On weekends, it is also best to fast in the evening to gather as many people as possible.

By the way, don’t be afraid to publish some small info feeds at night - so you will have less competition. But it is advisable to do this before one or two in the morning. The worst time for fasting is 5 a.m.

Days of the week

On Monday, it’s better to upload entertaining content, since no one wants to load themselves with information after the weekend. It’s better to transfer some important news and interesting projects to the middle of the week, when the “second wind” opens, and post such things on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Friday is also a good time for jokes and relaxation when the weekend is off.

But it's best to post news every day. So you will regularly remind yourself of your subscribers, and they are more likely to decide to use your services. Moreover, an active Instagram evokes a greater response from viewers - they comment, ask questions and, most importantly for business, clarify information about your products and services. After all, a person will know that they will be answered in the near future, and not in a week.

There is no single answer. Each person looks at the phone at different times of the day, due to his abilities - he can see your post in the morning at breakfast, in the afternoon at lunchtime or in the evening after work. However, you can focus on the general schedule. The most important thing in this matter is to determine the target audience.