How to Clean Up Your Instagram Account?

16 May 2017
How to Clean Up Your Instagram Account?

Instagram can be considered as one of the most important online media to make your presence felt. Also, the social media has a role to play in making or breaking your impression; especially if you are looking for a job or planning to start your own blog. So, sometimes it becomes important to clean your Instagram account whenever there are many fake accounts.

Here are some tips to give your Instagram account a deep cleanse:

1) Consider deleting whatever you can:

In Instagram, there may be numerous unprofessional and unrequired photos. Some people have the habit of posting many photos to inform others about their personal lives all the time. Due to this reason, their Instagram accounts get full of such photos that can make an impression about them in a negative way, especially if they want to use that account for professional purposes. So, the best way is deleting all such photos.

2) Make your photos private:

If there are some photos you don’t wish to delete, you can make them private. Thus, any person who is not your follower will have to take your permission before viewing your photo. Also, another thing you can consider is changing your real name of your Instagram account into some other name. This can help you keep your account private.

3) Correct your grammar and spellings:

Make sure that whatever you have written in your Instagram account is written in correct grammar and if necessary, edit and make the necessary changes. Incorrect grammar and spelling do not boast one’s professionalism.

4) Check what’s out there:

Check your Instagram account on Google and see how you are viewed online. For example, Google different names related to your Instagram account and see what comes up. If something shows up that you don’t like, you can remove it; or if you are tagged, you can request that person to remove it.

5) Stop Following Strangers:

Try not to follow those people you don’t know. Of course, there might be some people whom you admire personally and you can add them. But avoid those people that post anything and random photos.

6) Hide the Hashtags:

Hashtags can be helpful as well as messy at the same time. Hashtags can make your photo more visible but they can also ruin a good photo. So it is always better if you hide the hashtags.

Lastly, it is very important for you to post only those photos that you really want to post. Unprofessional and unflattering photos can make a wrong impression of you that may have a negative impact if you want to use your account for professional purpose. Your online persona or reputation can say a lot about you. So, first check your online presence and if you are not satisfied with it, try to change it to build a good reputation.