Instagram targeted ads

30 Jun 2020
Instagram targeted ads

Targeted advertising is suitable for everyone - both small local enterprises and large businesses. And if earlier he worked with varying success, now there is no doubt that this type of advertising is really a meaningful and necessary investment.

However, it’s hard for a person far from Internet marketing to begin to understand this topic, and even more so to set up advertising himself. Therefore, below we have provided all the possibilities of targeted advertising on Intsgram and Facebook.

It is worth mentioning that you can promote your posts and profile from the application itself - this feature is available for business accounts. But this method does not take into account many details that may be important to you.

Ads Manager Facebook is a tool that allows you to quickly set up targeted advertising based on all the nuances.

Getting started

Before that, you need to create an account in Business Manager. Of course, before that - register on Facebook and link the page. When you make a company profile in a business manager, open the settings, select “Account” and “Instagram Accounts”. You will have the opportunity to add your profile and assign pages to it.

There is another way - link your Facebook account on Instagram, then create an ad in the application. Then this ad can be opened through the ad manager and edited as you want.



When this is done, return to your ad settings. Click “create ad." In the window that opens, select Promote Your Page.


If you have already decided on your target audience, then filling out this field should not cause you any difficulties. You can choose the city or country, age and gender of those to whom your ad will be shown, as well as configure additional targeting. Pay attention to the indicator  and the Estimated Daily Results. If the audience is too wide, then try to clarify any of the indicators; if too narrow, then, on the contrary, expand the area of influence.


Run an ad! You can monitor it in Ads Manager at any time.