How to calculate and remove inactive subscribers?


For sure, everyone who maintains a blog/commercial page on Instagram* has experienced the fact that the reach rates have fallen, and the activity of followers has been reduced to zero. This is a bad result that negatively affects the quality of the profile and the quantity of sales/popularity in general. That must be corrected, but how exactly and why? Let's find out.


Why remove inactive users from following?


    There is still an opinion that the more followers on Instagram*, the better. To some extent, this is true - this is a valuable resource for media persons, for whom the price of an advertising post directly depends on the number of followers. It's a different case if you maintain a page for the sale of certain products or products to order.


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    It looks a little strange if you have a lot of followers and few reviews, comments and likes. This may be alarming for ordinary users, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The new algorithms of Instagram* outplayed the previous situation and the relationship has changed. Now everything looks different, and with a large number of inactive subscribers, the situation looks like this:

Many subscribers => many inactive users => small coverage => content appears less often in the feed => indicators are almost at zero, and the previous profitability decreases several times.


    The conclusion follows from this - inactive subscribers slow down the development of the page, and devalue your work in creating content, design, and even when investing money in it. You also need to increase the engagement rate, which, in percentage terms, shows how many active followers you have. It is exactly this value, because it depends on whether your publications will be in the TOP.


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    Undoubtedly, all efforts should be devoted to attracting the target audience, but before that you need to clean up and get rid of the "weight" in the form of inactive, uninterested followers. But how?


How to remove inactive subscribers


    Now that you've decided to delete subscribers, there's a little problem. The fact is that on Instagram * everything is a little different than in other social networks, and you will have to try to clean it up.


Account blocking

    Instead of deleting a follower, you can block him/her. This is the same as blacklisting a person, but includes many more restrictions. What happens if you block a user?

He will be removed from his followers, and your account will not be listed in his subscriptions.

The user who has been blocked will not even be able to find you.

If an account is found due to a bug or malfunction, posts will not be displayed in it.

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Under photos, all comments and likes from the blocked one will disappear.


    But for mass deletion, the method is not suitable, since even for 100 people it will take a day. The procedure is as follows:


-Go to your page in the application and open the list with users following you.

-Find the person you want to block and go to their profile.

-Find the button in the form of three vertically arranged dots (upper right).

-In the proposed list there will be a "Block" function, click on it.


Blocking is much easier through the application on the phone.


Close account


    If you care about the protection of your data, then you can close all information from prying eyes. This also applies to deleting a follower. For this:

-Sign in to your profile and open settings.

-Find the "Closed Account" section.

-Drag the switch to the right, when turned on, the gray color will change to blue.

-Now open the list of subscribers and find the one we will block.

-Opposite each user there will be three vertically located dots, click on them.

-Confirm deletion.

    The method is convenient in that it is unlikely that anyone will notice the deletion, but still it is time consuming.


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The easiest way

    Remember the insidious algebra lessons at school, when each of us learned to solve a system of equations? At first, we were told how to do it according to the standard, and when everyone was pretty exhausted, a kind teacher told us about the simplest way.


This does not mean that we want to inconvenience you - the first two methods were described for comparison with the Spamguard service, which will facilitate the task of cleaning your account and save a lot of time. Smart people have long learned that unpleasant tasks are best delegated, since time is a more valuable resource than money.

This will help you:

-Set up lists (white and black) so that you can sort followers and avoid accidentally deleting -important ones.

-Put a block on foreigners, from which the engagement rate will only suffer.

-To do everything quickly and practically without your participation.

To try that, follow these steps:

-Post a warning post that you will be cleaning - so those who are interested will put likes, and they will not be counted by the service as inactive (those who have not liked you for more than 30 days, comments are considered inactive).

-Log in to the official Spamguard website and find "Registration" in the menu.

The procedure is simple and quick, and you can start cleaning; the first time it's free.

Run a check.

In the "Settings" stage, you will get a list of those who are inactive and the ability to customize the lists.

Then click "Clean".

In the "Protection" section, the result is fixed, and you set additional filters so that in the future you do not have to deal with mass deletion.

You will be able to notice the result in a few days, since you will only have those who are really interested in the content, and this is success! After that, you can start building up your target audience.